Editorial: Vandalism of student artwork

The art department held a school-wide art show on April 3.

Art students in all grades hung their work on school walls and returned, along with their parents, for an evening “art walk.”

There was art in several spaces and hallways, and the event was complete with promotional material and refreshments.

Regrettably, many participating art students returned to the in-school gallery spaces the next day to find their work vandalized.

People who attended the show smudged drying paintings, despite “wet paint” signs.

Although the show was staffed by art teachers, keeping an eye on every piece in an extensive display is difficult.

Show attendees were expected to abide by the “wet paint” signs and respect the artwork.

A similar story played out earlier in the year, when AP Studio Art students set up a self-portrait gallery that remained in the atrium for several weeks.

One student found that her painting had been written on with a Sharpie marker.  Several students have expressed their discontent on social media and in person.

The Schreiber Times believes that vandalism of student-created artwork displayed in school is disrespectful and childish.

Art students and faculty put much creative energy and, by all means, work into creating artwork and designing displays.

The student community should recognize this and respect the artistic endeavors of the many talented art students.