Kickstart your spring with Elite Martial Arts

Maddie Cohen , Assistant Features Editor

In late April, Elite Martial Arts and Kickboxing studio opened up on Shore Road next to Stop and Shop.  The modern studio specializes in different types of Martial Arts such as Shotokan Karate and Taekwondo.  In addition, there are kickboxing classes for children three years and older, as well as adults.

To ensure the safety of customers, the studio has installed professional Zebra mats from Germany that are made up of protective padding.

Owner and Chief Instructor Julian Secu is a third degree black belt, who has practiced martial arts since 1993.  Secu had always dreamed of opening a martial arts school.

“I feel that Port Washington is a beautiful town, and I think our new studio will be perfect for families to bond.  Children and adults will also learn valuable skills such as self defense,” said Secu.

Since people begin at their own pace, Elite Martial Arts and Kickboxing offers beginner or basic classes.  Then, as students continue to learn and progress, they will move up to more advanced classes with others at their own skill level.

Elite Martial Arts and Kickboxing has three programs, all of which include different kinds of workouts.  The adult kickboxing classes are open to men and women of all ages and fitness ability levels.

“We also offer family classes as we want our programs to be family oriented and all to come together with one another over an activity we know they will enjoy,” said Secu.