Reopening of two of Port Washington’s favorite frozen dessert locations


A father and son share ice cream at Douglas & James at Inspiration Wharf on a warm spring day. Since its reopening, the ice cream parlor has flourished.

Spring is here, and for the average Port Washington citizen that means the anticipated opening of Ralph’s Italian Ices and Douglas & James at Inspiration Wharf.  After making it through the long, cold winter with neither of these destinations to lighten spirits, the wait is finally over.

After the reopening of Ralph’s Italian Ices on March 6th, the rush and madness to stop by this beloved local spot has been overwhelming.

“The wait over the winter was too long.  I had to make sure I got there the second it opened,” said Sophomore Jenna Hecht.

The flavors at Ralph’s vary from creamy ices to water ices.  Some popular flavors include Blue Hawaii and Birthday Cake.  They also serve drinks, fruit smoothies, sundaes, and ice cream.

“We got a new topping bar for our soft serve ice cream, and we’re expanding our soft serve ice cream section to make more sundaes,” said employee Victoria Prudente.

The environment in Ralph’s is always very welcoming and friendly.  Their ices are irresistible.

The opening of Douglas & James at Inspiration Wharf brings just as much excitement to Port Washington.  Although there are many ice cream places located around town, the Wharf seems to be the summer’s hottest ice-cream spot.  Located right on the water, Douglas & James offers scenic views for customers while they indulge in their favorite frozen treats.

“Every year we ask the customers for suggestions for new flavors, we’re always adding new things,” said owner Doug Shepardson.

Sometimes, the shop makes flavors of customer suggestions.  If they end up using a suggestion, the customer who offered the idea gets a free quart of that ice cream.

Inspiration Wharf is entertaining the prospect of an ice cream eating competition that will occur sometime over the summer.

“We’re going to come up with a crazy amount of ice cream and a specific period of time, and if you eat it you get to have your picture on the wall and become ‘the god of ice cream’,” said Shepardson.

Among one of the many unique things at Douglas & James are their specialty cones.  The “treasure cone” is very popular, which is a chocolate chip cookie cone that is made fresh everyday.

“What makes the Wharf so special is the fact that everything is homemade and nothing is artificial like many other ice cream places.  My flavor would have to be Chunky Dough Boy even though there are many amazing ones,” said junior Eliza Scheckner.

These two locations are staples in our Port Washington community and will be for many years to come. Everyone knows that the opening of Ralph’s Italian Ices and Douglas & James means that the beginning of summer is near.