Smoothies: a refreshing drink option now in Port stores

Danielle Tawfik, Staff Writer

The cups in the hands of students in the morning no longer exclusively contain Dunkin’s iced coffee.  A new drink has crept into the selection of daily morning beverages drunk by students and teacher alike: freshly blended smoothies.

Port Nutrition and Let There Be Bagels, both on Port Blvd., have recently begun offering smoothies to their customers.

“Our smoothies are fresh, healthy and organic,” said Port Nutrition employee Ravi Madaan.

Some of Port Nutrition’s most popular smoothies are the Green Monster, Berry Powerful, and Raw and Fit.  Each of the drinks contains a variety of foods claimed to benefit the body.  For example, the Green Monster contains apple juice, spinach, kale, bananas, strawberries, protein powder and green super food powder.

“We make the smoothies by using real fruits and vegetables without adding syrups, preservatives, sugars, or additives. Everything is organic, non-processed, and raw,” said Madaan.

For those who have a sweet tooth, they even offer the Choco Love and Cookies and Cream Monster on the kids menu.  These might not sound like the most nutritious drinks; however, to remain consistent with their health mantra, Port Nutrition substitutes the ice cream and chocolate syrups with ingredients like almond milk, peanut butter, and nonfat frozen yogurt.

“I’m obsessed!  I come here every day after school.  They taste better than any other smoothie I’ve had!” said sophomore Dani Levitsky.

Although known for their bagels, Let There Be Bagels also offers fresh juices and smoothies made with similar fruits as the drinks at Port Nutrition.

“I love the juices and smoothies at Let There Be Bagels.  Whenever I get a bagel from there, I always make sure to get a smoothie as well!  Everything tastes so fresh,” said sophomore Izzy Gold.

However, making a smoothie at home for the road is just as easy.  A trip to the supermarket and a quick whip of a blender can produce a juice as yummy as any other.

“It’s convenient if you don’t have enough time to eat where you just whip up a smoothie and drink it on the go,” said senior Bomin Choi.