Staff reflects: How did you survive high school?

Maddie Cohen, Assistant Features Editor


For many, getting through high school may sound impossible. However, those who have gotten through the treacherous four years, have some wisdom to share for all of you who may not know where to turn.

“Fridays. Friends. Free periods and food,” says Managing Editor Penina Remler. “But in all seriousness, my high school experience was totally fufilled by the friendships I made outside of my comfort zone like the three weeks I spent on medical with Sophia Kim in ninth grade gym.”

“To get throughout this year, I took a lot of naps and I always had this vision in my mind, of the perfect day to the end of the year. Whenever things got stressful, I just imagined me and my buddies getting a bunch of Diet Cokes and chilling on the beach with good conversation,” said Editor-in-Chief Aaron Brezel.

“The best advice I can give to anybody who struggles in high school is to immediately find something that you are good at.  Not necessarily something that is employable or useful or interesting, but something that you can use to develop a superiority complex so that you can keep your confidence up in a situation where someone gets a better grade than you or gets attention from a girl that you like.  That way, even if you feel completely worthless, you can rest easy knowing that your grammar is better than that of anyone else you know.  It’s good to find solace in the fact that you have at least deluded yourself that you are the best at something.  I’m, uh, joking about that.  High school is all about drug free social life, Chipotle Mexican Grill, and Netflix!” said Editor-in-Chief Dan Bidikov.

“I did not, but remember to sleep.  Also, make sure any advice you give people is short and pointless,” said Copy Editor Aaron Bialer.

“Yoga, pajamas, and I spent a lot of hours at my dining room table crying over a textbook,” said Opinions Editor Michaela Gawley.

“Honestly, high school goes by too fast, I still can’t believe it. It doesn’t make sense to say that I survived high school because it happened so quickly,” said Graphics Editor Brian Seo.