A few helpful tips on how to get through finals

Josh White, Photos Editor




As students are thinking about their summer plans, there is one thing between them and their perfect summer: finals.  Kids frantically study for these exams, and as a result become stressed and start doubting their test-taking abilities.  While some kids may try to deal with this stress by taking a nap or eating a sandwich at Harbor Deli, here are some other fun ways to deal with finals stress.

Since running and push-ups may be annoying to do, try to exercise and relax by jumping on a trampoline.  Although trampolines seem childish, doing things that were enjoyable at a younger age brings many people joy.  However, be warned: after many jumps  you may never want to get off, and actually end up procrastinating studying for your stressful exams.  For an extra bonus: if you know someone who has a water trampoline, trying doing back flips into the water.

Another activity that may seem quite silly is watching classic TV shows like SpongeBob Squarepants.  SpongeBob’s off-color jokes make the show so much more enjoyable now than it was back in the day.

To block out that hot summer sun and relieve stress, try wearing funny hats with friends. Dressing up in costumes and laughing at your friends makes any stressful time a time full of fun. Spending time with your friends acting like third graders allows you to enjoy the nice weather, forget about your testing for a while, and also reminisce about your childhood.

For those artistic people out there, trying to draw a picture of your least favorite teacher or worst enemy really helps relieve stress.  That is not all. Take this beautiful drawing and rip it into a million pieces.  But remember, it’s very important to recycle and not waste paper,  because every sheet you rip up will be reused as tissues next year.  If you do not want to mess up your perfect drawing, tape it to a pillow and punch it over and over again.  Getting to take your anger out on people without hurting them tends to help people relax.

“I relieve stress by going outside and taking a break from my work. I really like to walk outside and enjoy the environment around me which helps me clear my head and think happy thoughts. I also play vidoegames and sports with my younger brother,” said sophomore Jacob Margolin

The most important thing to remember when dealing with stress is to just relax and take it one step at a time.  Taking deep breaths in and then out will really help while studying.  At the end of the day, do your best, study hard, and, most importantly, treat yourself to a reward once finals are over.