Farewell to Ms. Reinhardt

Julia Langro, Contributing Writer

Dear Ms. Reinhardt,


You are a huge part of the Schreiber community and will be missed dearly when you retire.  I remember the first day I met you. It was right before my freshman year started.   My sister introduced us and I knew that I liked you right away.  You were so kind and reassured me that I would be fine at Schreiber.  You are one of those people who I can trust with any kind of problem I have since I know you will both keep it a secret and help me out. It has come to the point that walking into your classroom feels like I’m walking right into my own house.  I love going to class, and knowing beforehand that I am going to have a great time.  How many other classes get to plan their own baby showers?  You are also one of the only teachers who I know always has food.  I have learned so much from you and it is upsetting that your teaching career ends here.  But I know that you will continue to enrich others with your infinite knowledge, even outside of school. I have been your student for only one year, but I feel like I have known you my whole life.  I honestly have no idea what I will do without you next year.  Keep being awesome and congratulations on your retirement, Ms. Reinhardt!



Julia Langro