Farewell to Ms. Servat

Dear Ms. Servat,

There is so much to say about the talented business teacher, Ms. Servat.  You are a kind, supporting and dedicated teacher who offers help to all students, especially ones who have found their calling in the business field.

We especially want to thank you for showing us that we should not get stuck on getting good grades, but instead focus on understanding the material.   Not only are you an amazing teacher, but you are also the staff advisor for a very successful club, Future Business Leaders of America (FLBA).  With your help for the past few years, the FBLA has been able to advance in ways that were never imaginable, as it has raised large amounts of money for charity and participated in many school-wide affairs.  This school will miss you, and it will be extremely difficult for you to be replaced.

Ms. Servat, you will be extremely missed, and we hope you have an amazing retirement.  We wish you the best of luck.  Please come back and visit! Thanks for being an amazing teacher!



Jenna Hecht and Izzy Gold