Farewell to Ms. Zove

Delia Rush, Features Editor

Dear Ms. Zove,

I first want to congratulate you on your many successful years of teaching.  For the two years that I had you as my Italian teacher, you were amazing: inside and out.  Besides improving my Italian communication skills, vocabulary and grammar, you have deepened my love for the Italian culture.  Your admiration of Italy and the Italian language is inspirational and intriguing.  I am at a place, academically, where I feel comfortable with the language more so than I ever could have imagined simply because of you.  These past two years, you have brought your appreciation of foreign language into our classroom and shared it with my fellow students and I; I trust this is applicable in your other classes as well.  Your caring attitude is contagious and makes the difficult material not seem so bad.  So I thank you, Ms. Zove, for teaching me more than just a language: for teaching me a culture.  Thank you for shining a light upon Italy and all of the other beautiful cultures around the world, while teaching us to appreciate them.  Because of you, I now go through my life every day admiring and loving foreign languages, peoples, and civilizations.  Thank you for a great two years.


The best of wishes,

Delia Rush