The Gambol’s red carpet reflects the glamour of Port

Step out of the limo.  Get ready: this is your big moment.  Lights are flashing, people are cheering. You are a movie star.  Or not.  You might just be at Gambol.

For over 20 years, the Gambol has been Schreiber’s unique version of senior prom.  Currently, Gambol is held at the Sands Point Preserve, in a turn-of-the-century castle.

However, this was not always the case.  Less than a decade ago, Schreiber hosted the event in the school gym.  But despite the change in location, there is one thing that has stayed the same: the red carpet.

When you hear the words, “red carpet,” you think about celebrities, movies, and Hollywood.  “High school event” is probably the last thing that you would ever think of.  And yet, the red carpet at Gambol is one of the main events of the evening.

Generally, the red carpet event begins at nine o’clock as students ride up to the castle gates in their limos, buses, cars, and vans.

At the entrance, a runner rushes to the limo, takes a card with the names of the students in the limo, and then runs back to the emcees of the evening. This year, assistant principal Ms. Julie Torres and social studies teacher Mr. Jeremy Klaff, are  announcing the students’ arrival.

Before the event, parents and members of the community arrive as early as eight o’clock to claim seats on the bleachers  which are located on both sides of the carpet.  When the students are announced, they walk down the red carpet, smiling wide for their parents’ and possibly family friends’ cameras, not to mention the professional cameras.

The entire event is photographed and filmed by a professional studio, with the photographs later exhibited on a screen.  So add being on the big screen to your list of Hollywood moments at Gambol.

“I love the red carpet,” said Ms. Torres.  “I love it, I think it’s great, and I think it winds up being like your moment of fame.  I think it’s a nice recognition after so many years of hard work. And everybody is so dressed up and looks so beautiful. It’s just such a happy celebratory event.”

The red carpet is an event exclusive to Schreiber, being that other schools do not hold this event. The purpose of it: to give the graduating class a moment to feel special and accomplished after surviving twelve grueling years of school.

“The red carpet will be a nice experience because it will be my last memory as a senior,” said senior Aeduk Lee.

However,  for some,  even thinking about walking down the red carpet makes them shiver in intimidation.  Have no fear, my friends, an expert on red-carpet walking can tell you all about the experience. Now, you can prepare yourselves mentally.

“Although walking down the red carpet can seem like a daunting task to some it really is not a frightening experience at all,” said junior Wyn Stopford.  “Even if someone were to hate doing it, it wouldn’t really be an issue, as it’s over within a matter of seconds.”

Even as it puts many timid and camera-shy students under a spotlight, the red carpet is an essential part of Schreiber’s history and a unique end-of-year celebration. The Gambol marks the beginning of the seniors’ future as young adults.  It is specifically exclusive to Port Washington and allows students to shine on their special night.

Whether you are in twelfth. eleventh, tenth or ninth grade, when you walk down the red carpet, make sure that you look around, smile, and remember that the lights and applause are for you. Cherish the moment, Take care, be confident, and keep in mind this will be a moment that you will remember for the rest of your life.