A day in the life of the one and only Mr. Pernick: One thorough breakdown of our energetic principal’s daily routine


Although usually serious about his work, Mr. Pernick takes a break to make jokes and lighten up the day for the students and faculty of Schreiber.

Aliza Hertz, Izzy Gold, Staff Writers

Contrary to popular belief, our principal, Mr. Ira Pernick does not sit at a desk and stare at a computer all day.  In fact, he does a lot more than that. Mr Pernick’s day starts at 5:15 a.m, a time when most students are still tucked away in their beds, when he wakes up and walks his dog, Cooper.  When he returns home from his walk, Mr. Pernick drinks his coffee while simultaneously attempting to wake his ninth-grade son up.  Victorious after the battle, he showers and gets ready for the long day ahead.
“By 6:20, I am dressed and have my daily smoothie which consists of apples, pears, bananas, almonds, and spinach, “ said Mr. Pernick.  “I am a creature of habit and always lay out my clothes the night before.”
By 6:45, Mr. Pernick is on his way to work from his house in North Bellmore.  On his drive to faraway Port Washington, he prepares himself for the seemingly endless tasks that lie ahead.  He arrives at Schreiber around 7:30 a.m, depending on the traffic.
A busy man like Mr. Pernick must always check his emails.  These emails, as well as the mass of meetings that he must attend, constitute Mr. Pernick’s day.  That, and reminding himself to stay organized: something most high school students can relate to.   If at 7:45 the principal does not have a meeting, he heads down to the lobby to greet students and spread words of encouragement as they anxiously buzz by and prepare for the day ahead.
“I have meetings about everything,” said Mr. Pernick.  “Whether it’s meeting with other principals, the superintendent or other teachers, I’m constantly meeting with people face to face.”
As his day continues, Mr. Pernick personally observes teachers.  Yes, this is when students start whispering to each other during class, “Shh… ‘You-know-who’ is sitting behind me.”  The observations are the times during which the principal interacts the most with his students.
“I complete 112 observations throughout the year, which I enjoy because I get to spend time with students,” said Mr. Pernick.
The principal eats lunch every day at around 2 o’clock, much later than the rest of the students in the building.  He likes to pack his own lunch and considers himself a “big boy.”
Unlike most of ours, Mr. Pernick’s day does not end when the final bell rings.  Instead, he often stays late into the evening in order to attend night meetings or go to one of the various sports events and support the school.  If he does have a meeting, he usually will not leave school until 11 or 11:30.
“I enjoy going to the home football games, every play, many club functions, PWEF events and other school functions.  I often try to bring my kids along with me,” said Mr. Pernick.
At home, Mr. Pernick enjoys helping his fifth-grade daughter and ninth-grade son with their homework and spending time with his family.
Mr. Pernick’s daily routine is full of various commitments to the Schreiber community. Whether he is cheering on the sidelines of sporting events, conducting meetings, or just showing his Viking pride, Mr. Pernick is always on his feet and ready to tackle whatever comes his way.