Captain’s Corner: Elijah Dumpson, Austin Hanover, David Kennery

Justin Suzzan, Contributing Writer

Justin Suzzan: Hey guys.  Thanks for taking time out of your busy practice schedule to talk with me today.  What were the team’s goals and expectations going into the season? 

Elijah Dumpson: Going into the season, we were all very excited and motivated to do well.  Our expectations were that we would compete in the conference and play to the level we know we are capable.

JS: What are some differences between the team this year and the years before?

David Kennery: Well, we all are very motivated and excited that we have the opportunity to compete in a new conference.  Most people doubt us right now.  We are just playing with a chip on our shoulders.  We want to rewrite history.  

JS: What has the team done to have a successful season this year compared to the past few seasons?

Austin Hanover: We all are very close.  Everybody on this team is a good friend of mine and I enjoy playing with them.  When we are having fun that is when we play our best.  

DK: Yeah.  We also push each other during practice and never stop getting better.  Every day our team chemistry and our skill levels are improving.

JS: It sounds like you guys are definitely working hard this season.  How is the season going so far?

AH: We have been off to a bit of a slow start.  We have had many close games that we haven’t been able to pull out.  We also have many winnable games coming up which we need to win.  I’m confident that the team will come together so we can close out our season on a high note.

JS: That would certainly be a great end to your season.  Many think that the team can be better and that they are not playing to their full potential.  Do you believe that the team has the ability to do better? How about for the upcoming seasons?

ED: One hundred percent.  I am fully confident in my teammates and I believe it is only a matter of time before we step up our level of play.  

DK: Yeah.  The end of the season is going to be a huge test for us.  We need to show Port that we can play better and I think this is the motivation we need to make that next step and play great.

JS: As you are trying to improve your game, what have been the main things you have been struggling with that has stopped you from really having a great season?

AH: We lost a lot of great seniors this year when they graduated.  The new guys on the team in the beginning of the season struggled a little bit.  That is why we got off to a slow start.  

ED: That has been the main problem.  We are also not use to this new conference.  The teams are much better than the teams we are use to playing.  I think now that we have had more time playing together, we can turn it around.
JS: All of you guys are the leaders of this team.  What do you think your roles are as captains and how have you lead this team over the course of this past season?

DK: It is such a huge honor to be the captain of any varsity sport.  I believe that my role as captain is to be that one guy that everybody follows and looks up to.  I want everyone on the team to feel comfortable in approaching me with problems or questions.

AH: Being captain to me is really cool.  Ever since I started playing, I have wanted to be captain of the varsity team.  We really take being captain seriously.  We get the team excited to play and we are the leaders on the field.

JS: The captains are important leaders to any team. I just have one more question to ask: how do you think this football program will do after you graduate?

ED: Our program will continue to improve next year and the year after that.  We have some great players who I know will lead the team next year.

AH: We also have some great coaches.  They are a huge part to our success and our development.

JS: Thank you guys so much for talking with me today.  I hope you had a good season. Go Vikings!

DK: It was our pleasure to do this.  Thank you for having us.