Fall in to your favorite fall festivities with seasonal traditions

Sydney Rosenthal, Contributing Writer

What does the word “autumn” mean to you?  Does the word conjure up images of colored leaves, sweater weather, Halloween, creepy late night movies, apple picking, carved pumpkins, ideal weather?  Maybe?
Embrace this season, enjoy the scenery of the outdoors, and the traditions that it brings along.  
The leaves that dot the ground can be used for much more than colorful pavement decorations.  Many families rake up the leaves into piles and roll around in them to enjoy the autumn staple.
Apple picking is also a great fall tradition.  With the fruit being in season, you are almost guaranteed to find a fresh and crisp apple in the markets. The experience of apple picking allows you to truly take in the beauty of the fall season. It may be the family fun or it maybe the cool spring air, but handpicked apples are undoubtedly the best apples that you can get
October is widely know to be the scariest month. With Halloween ornaments scattered everywhere, from people’s houses to the the windows of various stores, it is no surprise that this fun holiday is on everyone’s mind. 
Going trick-or treating on Halloween can be an enjoyable experience no matter your age.  To those who believe in clothing being a form of self-expression, this holiday is perfect for you.  With the large variety of costumes available, anyone can dress up and express themselves in a unique, unconventional way.
It is no wonder that with all the entertainment, this day has become so popular among both kids and adults.  Numerous houses show their excitment for this holiday by putting up decorations and eagerly setting out treats for the trick-or-treaters.
In the fall, people harvest vegetables. When you walk by a field in autumn you often see pumpkins of all shapes and sizes distributed around the area.  Their bright orange color reminds many of the colorful leaves that have become so symbolic of the fall season.
But after finally picking the perfect pumpkin, many people carve the orange vegetables and set them up as decorations inside their homes.  To carve a pumpkin, simply scrape out the insides and cut out the design of your choice. You can choose from various faces and characters to carve on the pumpkin.
if you have an artistic side, you can always draw your own template for a pumpkin, and carve that one for an extremely personalized pumpkin!
The scraps from this work can be used for making pumpkin pie and roasted pumpkin seeds. To make them even more spooky and intriguing, light a small candle inside of them to form a jack-o-lantern. One of Haloween’s most iconic symbols is a lit jack-o-lantern sitting on a doorstep.
Go even further with your seasonal decorations by creating a fabulous fall tableau using your freshly carved jack-o-lantern with other autumn decor pieces of your choice. Other pieces may include but are not limited to gourds, candles, mini pumpkins, and mums.
Fall is a season that everyone can enjoy.  We need to take the time to savor what fall brings.  The season only comes once a year so make sure to savor and appreciate every moment you have during it.