Replacement of overpass at train station protects commuters: Inconvenience of renovations eventually benefit the station’s aesthetics and safety

Samantha D'Alonzo, Contributing Writers

This past April, local commuters were shocked to discover that the Haven Avenue overpass at the Port Washington train station had been closed.  This change proved to be an inconvenience for the commuters who used this overpass for boarding and disembarking their trains.  However, cooperation between local government and the Long Island Railroad officials has led to the construction of a new overpass.
At first, this unexplained change was a source of frustration and confusion for commuters.  However, the closing was necessary for the safety of local railroad goers, according to the MTA.
“The bridge leading to Haven Avenue was closed after the Railroad found that elements of the concrete structure had deteriorated beyond repair,” said the MTA in the press release published in September.
Though there were no original plans for the installation of a new overpass near Haven Avenue, local government officials decided that an upgrade was crucial to commuters’ safety.  
“Every representative from the local and state government worked together to make the railroad restore the pedestrian overpass,” said Councilwoman Ms. Dina DeGiorgio.
Because of DeGiorgio’s and other local government officials like Town Supervisor Ms. Judi Bosworth and State Assembly Member Ms. Michelle Schimel’s work, construction of a temporary overpass began on Oct. 18 and was finished on Oct. 20.
“At first the closing of the overpass was very inconvenient to my mornings. In the begining of the renovations I was not happy because it was annoying, but I am now very happy with the results,” said local commuter Fawn Caldwell.
This temporary overpass will last eighteen months, while more permanent solutions are discussed. The purpose of this overpass is to ease traffic congestion on Main St.
The general response thus far to the overpass has been positive.  
“I imagine people are pleased something is being done because something is better than nothing,” said Ms. Bosworth. 
The old overpass was an important part of numerous Port commuters’ daily travel.  The new overpass is being constructed to serve the same purpose.