Editorial: Helpful Guidance Department

The Schreiber Times

Whether it is applying to college, changing schedules, or needing support, who do students call? Their guidance counselors. Very few students would understand how to efficiently apply to college if it were not for these faculty members, but many misguided students believe that the guidance department plays a minor role in their lives.

It’s obvious that guidance counselors’ help is essential to students. They are there for seniors every step of the way, guiding them to apply to compatible schools. Would you be able to understand the complexities of Naviance and the CommonApp without them?

Counselors also provide an equal amount of care and effort to underclassmen, answering their inquiries and addressing their needs.

In addition, guidance counselors and students, throughout all grades, tend to form strong bonds, as they are not like other faculty and staff; students feel comfortable enough with their counselors to share issues regarding school and  to ask for advice.

As a result, The Schreiber Times strongly believes that the guidance department is vital to not only to seniors but also all students in the school.