Keep cozy and cute in the cold: How to stay comfortable and trendy this winter

Gillian Rush, Contributing Writer

With chilly fall weather kicking in, it is now time to put away the sandals and cutoffs, and pull out all those warm sweaters and jeans.  Although word has it that it is hard to stay warm and still look fashionable, there are new trends this autumn that will turn this assertion on its heels.

One of the easiest ways to stay warm but still look cute during the colder months of the year is to wear an oversized sweater.  These can be paired with anything from skinny jeans, to skirts, to everything in between. While picking your shoes, practically any sneaker, flat, or boot works.  Sometimes, oversized sweaters can look a bit slouchy and almost lazy. However, by pairing these sweaters with the right outfit and fun accessories, you will feel and appear both comfortable and fashionable.

On the runways this season, model after model is spotted wearing fall’s favorite pattern: plaid!  Plaids in different colors, line thicknesses, and form are sweeping the hottest designers’ shows.  Play with how you wear your plaid.  If you’re feeling bold and willing to embrace the fall trend, go for a plaid coat or pants.  If you want to try out the pattern before going all in then try a plaid scarf.  Or just try one of everyone’s favorite staple pieces: the flannel, which is perfect for layering in the chilly weather. Wearing plaid is an easy way to accessorize and look great while wearing an outfit perfectly fit for fall!

Scarves are an easy and cute way to accessorize any fall look.  You can play with different colors and textures to add to any outfit you choose.  They keep your upper body warm, and look great with almost anything.

There is nothing that feels more like autumn than a favorite pair of jeans.  There are hundreds of kinds of jeans to choose from.  So everyone can find something they like.  A favorite style is the simple skinny jean.  Skinny jeans are an easy replacement for leggings if you are looking to switch up your wardrobe but still remain comfortable.  With the right outfit combination, skinnies keep you very warm in the fall.  You can dress them up with a nice pair of heels and shirt, or you can dress them down with a cozy sweatshirt or, of course, the oversized sweater.

Boyfriend jeans are making a comeback as one of fashion’s favorite fall staples.  The loose, distressed, and commonly cropped jean has been seen in many designer fall collections and is loved by an even greater number of “fashionistas” throughout the world.  Wear it with a looser-fitting shirt to get a bohemian look, or try a fitted shirt to let the boyfriend jeans be it’s own stand-out feature.  Jeans are definitely a great way to play up your outfit and to stay warm for fall.

Another fun accessory to add to your outfit while staying warm and fashionable is the notorious and popular beanie. This fashion staple is an essential for cold temperatures. From models to moms. and teenage boys to teenage girls, the beanie has been a desired item lately. Differing in colors, designs, and patterns the beanie can warm your head and ears while warming your heart because they are just too cute to handle.  Some beanies have prints,  pom poms, others have slogans like the infamous “Mean Girls” quote, “You Can’t Sit With Us.”  While you may be hesistant to partake in this trend with the threat of hat-hair, the beanie is a great hair accessorie as well, proving to be the solution to any bad hair day.

Last fall, green was considered the “in color,” this autumn, blue is making a comeback.  Every shade of blue imaginable has strut down the runway. It seems to look good on everyone!

These fall trends are being featured by designers and can be found in stores everywhere.  So if you are looking to stay warm this season, but stand out as well, fall in love with these fall trends.