Scientist Visits Science Research

Zareen Johnson, Graphics Editor

Representatives from the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research visited the science research students. Mr. Joshua Bloom and Ms. Paula Hernandez talked to science research classes about their professional research, and how high school level research uses the same principles.

“It’s critical for our students to network to develop authentic research opportunities that build on the discoveries of the best scientists,” said science research teacher Mr. John Schineller.

Junior Madeline Fagen was responsible for organizing the visit. Fagen worked at Feinstein over the summer and asked her mentor, Dr. Sehba Dsilva, if researchers at Feinstein would be interested in coming to the school each month to give advice to

students and share what projects they are working on. Along with Mr. Schineller, they   planned the basics of what these visits would entail.

During this visit, Bloom discussed the basics of the scientific method and had the classes come up with a hypothetical experiment to solve a real problem. This was followed by a speech by Hernandez, who asked about the students’ love of science, asking them to examine what makes them so passionate about the topic. She discussed all the different applications of science, and using a scientific outlook to rationalize problems in all aspects of life.

The two scientists also talked about their own research, which included Bloom’s study of the Macrophage Migration Inhibitory Factor protein and Hernandez’s research on the strength and deterioration of cell cytoskeletons.

Finally, the researchers gave advice to the students after learning about their research plans for this school year.

“Feinstein’s first visit to the school was extremely insightful,” said junior science research student Emma Feldman. “I  hope  these visits continue in the future as planned.”