The unique month of new & awkward transitions

Jake Arlow, Staff Writer

It is National Model Railroad Month, it is the end of the first marking period, it is National Sleep Comfort Month, it has Have a Party With Your Bear Day (Nov. 16, for those who enjoy ursine celebrations), it is full of excitement and changes: it is November and let me tell you, a lot is going on.  Between the excitement of Halloween and the festive holiday spirit of December, this transitional month is sometimes forgotten.  It is like the awkward tween cousin who shows up to a family dinner with one chest hair, braces, and a cracking voice. And although you may not realize it now, it is very important.

For Schreiber students, the month marks the end of the first quarter, and for seniors, this means first quarter grades will be sent to colleges.  Senior Sarah Sigman, when asked her thoughts on this, said something that cannot be reported in a school newspaper.  On the bright side, the stress of the quarter is released, but the anxiety of college admissions is just beginning.

November is also the month our clocks fall back, and another hour of darkness comes upon us like a monster leaving its closet, ready to strike.  But hey, that means it is lighter in the morning.  This transition to dark nights gives the month a disjointed feel, but the daylight savings is necessary.  All of the farm folks leave the fields, and instead do homework and then pass out at 8:30 because why on Earth is it so dark?

Apparently, the November Blues have not reached Schreiber teachers. They are obviously a strange breed of humans that does not perceive the world the same way as students.  So what do they have to say about the wacky month of November? Not much.

“I got nothing on that,” said English teacher Ms. Jennifer Sacha.

For teachers, the month is not July or August, so it has no real differentiation from the other 10 months of the year that are also not July or August.  The one thing Schreiber teachers do pay attention to is the No-Shave aspect of November, as most (male) teachers are capable of growing beards, which in itself is a big transition from normal teacher to teacher-who-looks-like-lumberjack.

So many things happen in November; it’s no wonder the month flies by.

“November is like the gateway drug of months,” said senior Will Berger.  “It seems like no big deal now, but sooner or later you’ll find yourself depressed and rolling around in white powders.”

Do not fear the changes, but embrace them. Let November seep into your skin like a soothing ointment.

It is normal to feel a little different during this month: a lot is going on all at once.  The leaves have fallen from the trees, second quarter has started, the weather is changing quickly, it is getting darker earlier, and ISIS has begun chemical warfare on innocent civilians.  All of these are natural things, and they just make this November extra special for all of us.

By the time December rolls around, you may be eagerly awaiting the winter holidays.  However,  there might just be a little part of you that misses this odd but special little month we call November.