Upgrades in store for Landmark’s Blumenfeld Park

Adi Levin and Caroline Katz, Staff Writers

Winds from the east, mist coming in. The park is improving, let construction begin.

The Blumenfeld Family Park, known to many Port residents as the Landmark, has begun to undergo many improvements to make it a safer and more enjoyable place to spend time.  Overseen by Town Supervisor Ms. Judi Bosworth and the Residents for a More Beautiful Port Washington, people from all over town are working to enhance the park.

Executive Director of Residents for a More Beautiful Port Washington Ms. Mindy Germain discussed the issues that are still problematic for the park.

“Over the last few years, the central lawn has become dangerous,” said Ms. Germain.  “There are holes that people can step into, and it’s important that the park is a safe place for kids to play.”

Ms. Germain pointed out that, because the park is a popular spot for Port residents, it would be inconvenient to fix the entire grassy area at once.  Commissioner of Parks and Recreation Mr. Jerry Olsen was inspired by restorations performed in Central Park to fix and aerate the lawn in small sections. This process would enable workers to complete the renovations as well as allow residents to take advantage of Blumenfeld Family Park during this time.

The Parks Department started to work on the central lawn after the Landmark Gala, held on Nov. 8.  Ms. Bosworth described the importance of the park to residents.

“The Blumenfeld Family Park is one of the treasures in the Town of North Hempstead,” said Ms. Bosworth.  “As soon as I took office, Mr. Blumenfeld and I met several times about the condition of this wonderful park that is so important to the residents of Port Washington.  It is truly a family park and is visited by so many of our Port Washington families.  We, along with members of my staff, visited the park several times and discussed improvements that could be made immediately and some that would wait until after the summer.”

There are a few issues that are currently being addressed, such as the worn-down benches, crumbling stone chess tables, and, most importantly, the grass in the center of the park.  The water park was upgraded before the summer so that children could enjoy it throughout the vacation.  The Parks Committee has been working to make these changes happen, and ensure that the Blumenfeld Family Park remains a landmark in Port Washington.

The improvements taking place were made possible by a combination of public and private funding.  Donors such as Laffey Fine Homes, the Zimmerman Family, the Krieger Family, and various other Port residents and organizations, allow Port and the Town of North Hempstead to work on beautifying the park and making further improvements.  Many residents have helped plant gardens around the grassy area.  Sponsorship is crucial, as the park is large and requires a lot of maintenance and meticulous care.

“With our policy, people can fund and adopt a garden, so that brings them closer to the town,” said Ms. Germain.  “It’s a great way to show respect in memory of others.”

The improvements taking place will hopefully be beneficial to the Blumenfeld Family Park and Port Washington as a whole.

“I support doing whatever we can to make sure Blumenfeld Family Park is maintained and improved so all can continue to enjoy this jewel in the crown of the North Hempstead Park System,” said Ms. Bosworth.