DIY: how to transform your room into a winter wonderland

Delia Rush, Features Editor

Twinkling lights, indescribable sensations, and joyous memories: all are unique to the holiday season.  Don’t you wish you could bottle up this spirit and take it inside?  There are easy and affordable ways to capture the essence of all things magical during this glorious season, and selfishly hoard it in our bedrooms.

For many of us, our bedrooms are private spaces.  Some use them just for sleeping purposes, others for studying.  There are, however, some humans whose knack for interior design allows them to transform their four walls and a bed into a sanctuary for self-reflection.  Secretly, all of us are those humans. Some of us just need to learn to access our home design skills.

With the holidays just around the corner, your inner interior designer is beckoning to come out.  Perhaps you haven’t heard the little guy screaming out from the inside, but that little jingle you hear in your head every time you see a string of Christmas lights?  That’s him.

“I always recommend using any holiday decorations because it really boosts up your spirit,” said Home Goods employee Debbie Oyarzun, Schreiber class of 2013.  “It’s good to decorate all year round, no matter the season.”

Allowing yourself to tap into your trapped Buddy the Elf can give you that final push to finally get into the holiday spirit.  With tests, projects, and just regular old homework that seems to pile up in these last few weeks leading up to vacation, feeling the holiday cheer is a little bit more difficult than it was back in the day.  Remember when the last week of school going into the holidays consisted of “Winter Wonderland parties” and multiple viewings of seasonal favorites like “Elf” and “How the Grinch Stole Christmas?”

Your first step is to find inspiration by scrolling through Tumblr, flipping through magazines, or watching room décor videos on YouTube. Try to find the accessories you like.

Unfortunately, most of us cannot afford to completely redo our rooms for just a few weeks of the year.  So, the most practical solution is to fill your room with seasonal decorations and rearrange your furniture.

An easy go-to for the season is to hang Christmas lights around your room, whether it be up high by the ceiling, around a window, or resting along your bed’s headboard. This may be a rather cliché accessory, but it can make a garbage bin seem beautiful.

Now that you have an idea of what you want, go find it!  Raid Home Goods and department stores like Macy’s, which has an out-of-this-world interior design section, for great holiday deals.

“For Christmas, an arrangement of nice little holiday pieces is an easy way to decorate, and you can never go wrong with a bold accent piece, like drapes,” said Oyarzun.

Buying simple and inexpensive design pieces creates a multitude of decorative possibilities.  Throw blankets and pillows, candles, and small festive accents can really tie a room together.

“I decorate with lights around the windows and above my bed,” said junior Kristen Capozzi.  “I also put up a Merry Christmas sign, a mini Christmas tree, and a light-up Santa hat on my dresser,”

Purchasing items of a similar color scheme can transform any room into a winter wonderland.  Searching for accessories on sale can help you keep a budget but still add some festive touches.  Another option is to search your attic or basement for some older pieces of furniture or accents that could add a vintage touch to your room.

However, despite the work you put into it, your room may still not be perfect.  Delve into your hidden creativity and pursue a DIY (Do It Yourself) project.  A trip to a crafts store like Michael’s is inspiring in and of itself.

There are plenty of ideas and tutorial videos online to help you out.  Just search through any popular beauty guru’s recent videos and a room décor video is sure to come up. Some of these may even include DIY projects.

These projects range from handmade wreaths to personalized wooden candle stands.  DIY décor can completely change your room for no more than $20 and is completely subject to your personal preference.  The bonus?  DIY projects make great gifts too that are sentimental and meaningful to both the giver and the receiver.

Some YouTubers who have videos on this  include Bethany Mota (MacBarbie07), Meredith Foster (StilaBabe08) and Ingrid Nilsen (missglamorazzi).  These popular vloggers upload videos frequently with detailed DIY tutorials and inspiration for any seasonal room decorations.  Simply visit YouTube and you’re bound to find hundreds of these videos.

So whether you are having some trouble getting into the holiday spirit or just want to change your room up a little bit, check out some “roomspiration.”  Make a list of the little things you want to add to your room, find some good sales, and buy some festive steals.  Explore the corners of your home, hang ornaments, make something with your own hands.  Whichever route you choose, do not forget to blast some holiday tunes, light some gingerbread-scented candles, and plunge into the holiday spirit.