Editorial: Guidance interruption

The Schreiber Times

Prioritizing one subject over another is an unjust policy. However, this is precisely what the school has done by assigning most administrative announcements, like Dignity for All Students contract and Preliminary Standard Academic Test announcements, to take place during all social studies courses. The Schreiber Times believes that this reflects an administrative feeling that social studies teachers require less time to teach their class than teachers of other subjects.

Imagine being a teacher whose academic agenda is scheduled up to the minute, and then taking away up to a half an hour of class time for PSAT meetings.

Perhaps the most egregious part of this policy is how easily it could be remedied. By simply having one representative of the CollegeBoard make the announcement in a call to junior students, a tremendous amount of time would be saved: by representatives, teachers, and students alike. Any handouts necessary for distribution to the students could be sent to the students in the mail.

The Schreiber Times hopes that with careful planning in the future, such disregard for particular subjects will no longer exist.