Guidance counselors: Schreiber’s unsung heroes

Aimée Levinson, Staff Writer

The way a guidance counselor assists students is best explained by a guidance counselor.

“Guidance fulfills many roles for students and that role will vary depending on many factors, including the grade the student is in and the unique circumstances that come with each situation,” said guidance counselor Mr. Joseph Lorge.

The range of services that our counselors and the entire guidance department provide is incredibly wide, and important to the daily functioning of the school.  Some of their more common functions include planning schedules with students, acting as liaisons between students and teachers, and aiding in personal counseling. They also conduct workshops for parents in the evening and during the school day for students.

“My guidance counselor is a goddess. She’s literally capable of helping students in whatever way possible,” said senior Sameer Nanda.

As for me, I feel that my guidance counselor has been more than helpful in all of my academic queries, including assistance in choosing the right classes that both fit my interests and give me a strong foundation for my future field. The first memory that comes to mind is a fateful day as a sophomore when my counselor made a suggestion about a class that changed my direction completely. I was just looking for a class to fill my schedule but he stopped and evaluated my strengths and interests and made a suggestion for an accounting class. I had never thought about going into accounting. To be honest, it seemed boring and monotonous. Yet, he insisted that it would be a good fit. It was only a month into the course that I had found that it was anything but dull. It was a subject that I enjoyed and thrived in. Two years later, it is what I plan to major in at college, but I never would have known had he not suggested it.

This isn’t just me; for every senior, a guidance counselor is vital to navigating college applications.  There are a myriad of little details that can frustrate anyone to the point of madness.  Yet, like a knight in shining armor, your guidance counselor appears with answers to all of your questions.  And like dragon slayers, they conquer all problems and negotiate all tricky situations you may be in.

“As someone who always has ten million questions in my mind, I started going to my guidance counselor freshman year,” said senior Sophie Brett-Chin.  “And up to this day she still answers any frantic questions I have.”

Guidance counselors strive not only to relieve stress or excess pressure, but to also form a strong relationship with their students.  That is where our counselors go above and beyond.

“They get to know you better so you can go to them for any issues, school related or non-school related,” said senior Maddy Katz.

In a situation like this one, guidance counselors provide a type of companionship that is invaluable.  To have someone within the school whom students feel comfortable sharing issues and receiving real advice from creates for a more meaningful high school career and a strong support system.  As students who are still growing and learning, with so much that we do not know how to conquer yet, having someone who is on your side clears the way for success.  Without my guidance counselor, I can’t imagine what my future would be like.

“My guidance counselor is like my confidant; I can be fully honest with her and know that she is actually listening to what I’m saying and taking it into consideration,” said senior Jenny Garofolo.

The guidance department is one of the most vital in the school, providing awareness, education, and support for students and their families. It deserves a loud round of applause.