Ruthie G. and Annie K. have the Captain’s Corner coming your way

Eric Fishbin, Sports Editor

Eric Fishbin:  I am here with the ever so famous Ruthie G. and Annie K. of the Schreiber morning announcements.  Thanks for joining me today!


Ruthie Gottesman:  No problem!


Annie Kline:  Thanks for having us!


EF:  As freshmen, did hearing ‘HAHA in the Morning with Holly and Ashley’ inspire you to try out for the morning announcements?


AK:  Haha, no not really.  One day they made an announcement about trying out for the morning announcements because Holly and Ashley would be graduating and I said to Ruthie, ‘Ha, wouldn’t it be funny if we tried out?  The next day she said, ‘Yeah let’s do it!  Let’s actually try out!’  So we did it and got it.


EF:  What was the competition like during that process?


RG:  There wasn’t that much competition, just like ten other groups.


EF:  Wow, ten groups?  That sounds like a lot!


AK:  And most of them were seniors.


EF:  Personally, I don’t like public speaking.  So do you think it’s easier to do the announcements because it’s just your voice behind a microphone?


RG:  Yes, definitely.  It’s probably because you don’t actually see the faces of the people you are talking to.


EF:  If you could say one thing to someone who doesn’t listen to the announcements, what would it be?


RG:  You’re missing out on a lot of club opportunities and probably not active enough in your school.


AK:  Also, we didn’t listen to Holly and Ashley when we were freshmen so we also don’t blame you!


EF:  How did you come up with the idea for the different words in the morning?  Also, what was your favorite one so far this year?


RG:  I come up with all of them pretty much two seconds before I say them.


AK:  Sometimes Mr. Weiss helps us out, and sometimes people beg us to say certain words and then we say them.


RG:  My favorite one this year is probably belly dancer.


AK:  Aardvarkian was probably a good one too.


RG:  Elephantine was a fun one also.  I am not sure if it’s elephantian though.


EF:  Clearly you both spend a lot of time together through the announcements and in classes.  Do you ever get sick of each other?


RG:  No, never!


AK:  We’ve been friends for a long time and we never get sick of each other.


EF:  As you probably already know, people get really into the shout-out of the day.  So, how did you come up with the idea at first, and has anyone ever begged to be it?


RG:  No, nobody ever begs.  Just kidding!


AK:  Yeah, we have gotten some really interesting offers.  Like one time we were bribed $60 and then $200.  And I think the people were serious too!

EF:  So where did the idea stem from?


RG:  It was Annie’s mom who gave the idea.


AK:  Yeah it was actually my mom.  She was just like, ‘maybe you should do a shout-out!’


RG:  And we were like, ‘Genius!’


AK:  We didn’t know how to execute it at first but we figured it out in time.


EF:  What advice would you give to someone who wants to do the morning announcements once you guys graduate?


AK:  Hmm, that is a tough one.


RG:  Don’t let the haters bring you down!


AK:  Word.  And make sure to come up with something clever!


RG:  Because you will be saying it a lot!


AK:  And we will be judging you!


RG:  No, just kidding!