Ultimate guide for all of your gift giving worries

Miranda Tanenbanm, Staff Writers

Holiday season has arrived!  Are you still scrambling to find the perfect gift?  If so, you’ve come to the right place!  I can help you find the perfect gift, whether it be for your friend, family member, or significant other.

One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is to begin eating healthy, working out, and maybe shedding some pounds.  Why not buy your friend or family member a gym membership to give them an extra boost?

Even if it’s only for one month, the gym membership is affordable and will help them get started.  Don’t know where to find a gym membership?  Try Groupon.com.  The site has great deals and discounts on everything gym-related.

We all know people who want to get healthy, but do not want to go to the gym to workout.  Get these people something from Our Harvest, an online grocery store that sells fresh and healthy fruits, vegetables, meats, and other groceries for affordable prices. Gift cards are also available.  They donate food to a local food pantry for every food order above $25.

It you are looking to buy stocking stuffers, the possibilities are endless.  One perfect gift for girls is the Minimergency Kit, a pocket size pouch with everything that anyone could possibly need at any given moment, for only $15.

Is your girlfriend a jewelry lover?  So many cute little earrings and bracelets are sold at so many places, and they aren’t too fancy or, more importantly, too expensive!

The Citrus Spritzer, made by Quirky, is a “great little gift for the one who adds citrus juice to everything,” said Buzzfeed writer Alessia Santoro. “Shove it in a lemon and spray!”

Another great gift is the Ring Stylus by Kikkerland. It’s genius for a parent or grandparent who is having trouble transitioning into the 21st century, or for an artistic friend.  This small gadget makes doodling on a tablet fun and easy.

Lastly, a great gift for anybody who loves board games is Cards Against Humanity. This fun game is guaranteed to make you laugh with whomever you’re playing with.

When all else fails, clothes are always a great gift to fall back on, if you know the person well enough. If you don’t, gift cards to their favorite stores are acceptable.  If you are ordering the clothes online, Ebates.com, takes you to the online stores you are already searching, while providing you with discounts.  All you have to do to access it is sign up!

And finally, if you are on a really low budget, you can always make gifts yourself.  An adorable DIY gift idea is a studded phone case.  All you need to make it is a blank phone case, some studs, and glue.

“I love DIY gifts,” said sophomore Katie Oppenheim.  “They are really made from the heart!”

Another great idea is a geode ring.  You can look online at Uniqueusa.com for instructions on who to mold your geode or pyrite, blank ring, and glue together.

Personalized DIY cork coasters are also adorable.   All you need to do is cut out a circular piece of cork and decorate according to your gift-receiver’s distinct coaster preferences.  Last but not least, personalized mugs are not only useful, but also meaningful and charming.  If you have blank, boring mugs, you can draw on them with Sharpie and bake them in an oven at 350 degrees.  Wait 30 minutes and you have beautiful, artistic, wonderful, and exciting mugs!

Have fun this holiday season and shower your loved ones with gifts.  The holidays are about giving more than you are already receiving.  Often times the best gifts are not items worth a fortune, but presents made or purchased with affection and appreciation.  This time of year, it really is the thought that counts, so do not be intimidated by those daunting price tags, and nosedive into the holiday spirit with the beautiful tradition of gift giving.