View of the Viking

Maddie Cohen, Features Editor

Freshman Dara Kaufman devotes her time and energy to making jewelry and selling it to charity. Seeing overpriced necklaces at various stores and knowing that she could easily sell jewelry for a more reasonable price, Kaufman began working with her mom to make pearl necklaces for just five dollars a piece.  Kaufman later expanded her business to selling black chokers for three to six dollars a piece.

“My mom and I have raised over $500, and that has all been given to North Shore Animal League,” said Kaufman.  “It’s very easy. Almost anyone can do it.  I keep up with the trends, and my mom and I are very creative and crafty.”

The North Shore Animal League in Port Washington is an animal rescue shelter committed to stopping animal cruelty.  They describe themselves as a no-kill shelter, meaning they save all animals that can be adopted and cared for. The League has used Kaufman’s generous contributions to purchase food and toys for the rescued animals.

“I have always loved animals and I believe the North Shore Animal League is an amazing organization that truly helps animals in need,” said Kaufman when asked why she selected the North Shore Animal League as her charity of choice.

Kaufman makes and advertises jewelry during her free periods and after class.  She keeps extra materials in her backpack to make jewelry whenever she has time.  Kaufman sells jewelry during her off periods and after class.  Her carefully crafted items have been purchased by many people including her friends, family members, Schreiber students, and teachers.

“It’s fun and I like being an entrepreneur,” said Kaufman.  “I hope that more people will buy so we can help the animals even more.”

Kaufman’s ideas for the future include making beaded bracelets, but she and her mother are always searching for new, creative designs.