What’s all the recent buzz about the addictive media site, BuzzFeed?

Katie Oppenheim and Carly Perlmuter, Staff Writers

Have you ever heard of BuzzFeed?  If so, then you are definitely a procrastinator.  BuzzFeed has so many interesting facts and quizzes that once you start browsing, it is nearly impossible to stop.

If you ever wondered how much you really know about the Disney princesses, or how “on fleek” you are, BuzzFeed is the website for you.  BuzzFeed staff reporters, contributors, cartoon artists, and the public update the website’s content several times a day to keep it as current as possible.  It includes topics such as music, beauty, sports, pop culture, politics, DIY ideas, technology, fashion, books, food, and animals.

“Sometimes I need a break from doing my homework, so I check out the latest buzz,” said junior Hannah Altuch.  “Next thing you know it’s 11 p.m. and all I’ve accomplished is finding out that I know way less about Mean Girls than I thought.  BuzzFeed is so addicting, but also so much fun!”

BuzzFeed was created in 2006 by Jonah Peretti in New York City.  Peretti originally created the website to test and record viral content on the internet.  In its early stages, the original projects were random.  In August, the website raised $50 million from the venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, double its previous funding.  With these funds, BuzzFeed was able to start using native advertisements, or advertisements that match the content of their articles.

People do not always spend time on this site on their own. Many of the posts are so relatable that friends often think of each other when reading articles, and subsequently share them on social media sites such as Facebook.  BuzzFeed is also a great way for people to connect with one another based on common interests.  It can be fun to see which friend knows the most about ‘80s song lyrics, or if that Kanye West quote is real or fake.

“If I see an article or quiz about food, I’m immediately interested and I know my friends are too,” said sophomore Remi Mankes.  “I’ll post it on their Facebook wall, and hopefully brighten their day a little bit.”

Critics are beginning to wonder if BuzzFeed will be the future of journalism.  This future is not too bright.  These critics question the validity and importance of BuzzFeed material to the global community.

“I find the website to be stupid and a big waste of time,” said sophomore Alex Devas.  “I feel that very little relevant information is shared, and I truly believe that if this is the future of journalism, then our society is in deep, deep trouble.  I think that BuzzFeed has the right idea though, and that they can turn the site around and get back on the right track!”

High-profile investor and co-founder of the Buddy Media Kass Lazerow said to Business Insider that BuzzFeed is “the defining media company for the social age.”

All of Buzzfeed’s weird lists, breaking news, celebrity gossip, picture stories, and quirky quizzes have been shared with friends, family members, co-workers, and teammates across the globe. Whether you are surfing the internet,  or scrolling down your newsfeed on Facebook, you will not miss a buzzfeed article.

Dangerously addicting, BuzzFeed will leave you giggling uncontrollably and craving more knowledge of random facts. What started as a simple idea has quickly snowballed into a nation-wide craze.  Based on its rapid success, BuzzFeed is likely here to stay. Of course, it will have to correct any of its current flaws.  But when that happens, get ready for a BuzzFeed takeover.