Captain’s Corner: Girls Winter Track

Ruthie Gottesman and Annie Kline

Ruthie Gottesman and Annie Kline:  This is Ruthie G. and Annie K. and we have the captains of the girls winter track team, Jenny Aguiar, Laura Russo, Neve Devine, and Erin McDonough coming your way!  How’s it going guys?


Jenny Aguiar:  We’re really good. Thanks for having us!


AK:  You guys have been running for the team for the past few years, how has the team lived up to your expectations so far?


JA:  Well, so far, I think a lot of the girls are making a lot of new friends and they’re having fun, they’re laughing a lot, and I think that is the best thing about track, which is having a good time while working hard.  And we’ve done that since we started.


AK:  That all sounds great!  What are some differences that you have noticed between this year and last year’s team?


Laura Russo:  We lost a lot of seniors, but this year there are plenty of freshman that are stepping up.


RG:  Practices are a vital component to a team’s success.  How are you improving the team during practices everyday?


Neve Devine:  I would like to think that we’re demonstrating good things to do during practice such as working hard, and teaching our teammates new things.


JA:  Sometimes it’s hard for one coach to teach everything to fifty girls, so we hope that some of us can send out messages that our coaches want to but don’t have the time to.


Erin McDonough:  We try to reiterate things that the coaches said in a different way.


RG:  It sounds like you guys work well together during practice.  Does the team have a good relationship off the track as well as on?


JA:  I think some of the best relationships come off the track team, because track is one of those sports that the meets go on for 12 plus hours, so we’re always with each other every day, and we just become a family. It’s not an individual sport; it’s really more team-oriented.


AK:  It is your senior years, and you will be leaving the team after this season.  For the team’s future, next year, who do you expect to build on the team and assume a leadership role?


EM:  Beatriz Chavarria, absolutely.


LR:  And Cat Salvatierra.


JA:  Christina Marinelli, too.


ND:  These girls have been on the team for years.


RG:  Thanks for talking to us, ladies! Good luck on the rest of the season!