Roll your way down to the best sushi places in town


Senior Lena Kogan enjoys a spicy tuna roll from a local favorite, Aki, whose delivery options make it possible for high school students to order during their lunch or off periods, as long as the order is at least $15. , offers Port Washington residents a multitude of Japanese options. Whether you decide to sit at the sushi bar or in a booth, the choices range from chicken teriyaki, to vegetable rolls, to raw fish rolls.

Izzy Gold and Aliza Herz

Have you ever wanted sushi, but had no idea which restaurant to go to? With so many options in Port, how could you possibly choose?

Have no fear. With some help, the hours of debating between restaurants will be a thing of the past. This is your go-to guide for the best sushi restaurants in Port. There are three main Japanese restaurants in Port Washington: Bonsai, Aki, and Aiko. Each of them has its own unique menu, location, and price range.

Aki is located on 46 Main St., next door to Gino’s. Out of the three restaurants this one is the closest to school. It offers free delivery with a minimum of $15. The menu has a large variety to choose from, so it is perfect even if you don’t like sushi.

One of the more popular items on the menu for those who eat raw fish is the Spicy Tuna Pizza. Unlike your typical pizza, this dish offers toppings including spicy tuna, avocado, jalapeños, and spicy mayo, on a tortilla.

“Aki is my favorite sushi restaurant in Port Washington because of their exotic rolls such as the Orange Dragon Roll, the Volcano Roll, and the Samurai Roll, which is my favorite,” said junior Jenna Hecht.

However if you are not into such unusual rolls they sell California rolls for $5.00 each and avocado and cucumber rolls for only $4.00.

If sushi isn’t your food of choice, they also have chicken hibachi, fried rice, and  chicken teriyaki, all of which are delicious. Their prices are not the lowest out of the three sushi places, but if you’re looking for a good Japanese meal for cheap-ish, Aki is the place for you!

Bonsai is located on 92 Main St., right near the Main St. Movie Theater. Like Aki, it too offers free delivery. However, Bonsai gives you the unique option of ordering your food online.

Just like Aki’s, the Bonsai menu has a large variety of foods, making it difficult to choose between the two. Yet, there are many things that separate the two restaurants.

Bonsai is known for its shrimp tempura appetizer, which consists of lightly fried shrimp and veggies, served with tempura sauce. This dish, along with many others at Bonsai, is perfect for those who do not eat raw fish.

“I always go to Bonsai for their chicken teriyaki, it’s my favorite,” said junior Blake Dolin.

For those who do eat raw fish, Bonsai offers its famous Port Washington Roll, consisting of spicy salmon, crunchies, and squash, topped with avocado and spicy tuna. As far as prices go, Bonsai’s are a bit lower than Aki’s. Their avocado roll is only $3.50; fifty cents less than Aki’s. If you’re looking for great food and lower prices, Bonsai is perfect.

Port’s third popular sushi restaurant is Aiko, located on 90 Main Street, right next door to Bonsai and down the street from Starbucks. Aiko does not have free delivery nor can you order online, which is something that sets it apart from the other two places, making it a little less conveninent for high schoolers to succesfully satisfy their sushi craving. The menu, on the other hand, is very similar to the other two with a few different items.

Two of those item are the spicy tuna dip and the Aiko sandwich, which has lobster salad, spicy tuna, tomato, avocado, and soy nori. Aiko, like the other two restaurants, has many different items to choose from. These dishes, however, unlike those in Aki and Bonsai, are not always traditional Japanese dishes. It offers more American options such as chicken nuggets and French fries.

“I love Aiko for its Unicorn Roll, which contains shrimp tempura, cucumber, topped with spicy salmon, avocado, and served with mild spicy sauce,” said junior Samantha Segal.  Aiko also has avocado rolls for $3.50 and a California roll for $4.50. Most of their prices are either the same as or in between Bonsai and Aki’s.

As it turns out, it does not completely matter where you go. Bonsai, Aki, or Aiko; you can’t go wrong as all three offer scrumptious sushi at reasonable prices.