Style yourself for midterm success: Fast, comfortable, and fashionable looks for test taking

Gillian Rush, Contributing Writer

The dreaded midterm week is approaching.  The week when almost no one has much time to get ready in the morning, let alone plan an outfit.  Even though it’s hard to roll out of bed for your tests, there are still ways to dress nicely and still be comfortable!

The number one rule for clothes during midterms is to be comfortable.  Itchy, tight-fitting clothes are not exactly testing-friendly.  You want to be comfortable but cute at the same time.

A common way to stay comfortable in general is to wear leggings. These are a great alternative to sweatpants; you can dress them up or you can dress them down.  It’s especially easy to wear them in the winter because you know that they will keep you warm.  Wearing leggings with sweaters and t-shirts with the shoe of your choice is perfect for testing.

A warm, cozy sweater is perfect for testing too.  It is like wearing a blanket!  Perfect for early-morning testing days (all lazy days, really) because you still look adorable.  It is important to wear sweaters with the right bottoms, shoes, and accessories so you can manage to look nice while still feeling like you’re curled up under a comforter.

While everyone loves the UGGs that many people take out every December and wear until they become holey, it is important for people to change up their wardrobes. That is why a cute combat boot or riding boot is perfect for the testing week.

They’re easy to put on in the morning when you are too tired to lace up shoes.  Boots like these come in all kinds of colors and styles.   You can wear them with a nice, soft pair of knee socks or calf socks to make them look unique.

We all know that waking up in the morning knowing you have a midterm later that day is not fun at all.  Why have the stress of worrying about your hair when there are so many ways to make it look good without much effort?  Top-knots and other up-dos are perfect for testing because they keep the hair out of your face. Because it does not let your hair dangle before your eyes, this hairstyle prevents distractions and can help you focus on your exams.

Headbands and clips that get hair out of your face are perfect for test taking.  You will be thankful you used this method rather than fussing with and flipping your hair throughout your test.

While it is important to perform well on midterms, the most important thing is to be comfortable, and there is no reason that you can’t look good while doing it.