Fashion File: Spring fashion is blooming

Talia Silverstein, Staff Writer

Though it may not feel like it, spring is rapidly approaching, which means that it is almost time to say goodbye to those heavy winter jackets and hello to shirts and warm sunshine.  This spring we will be seeing many of the same trends as last year but with some updated styling that would make your spring looks standout and look better than ever.

Our first, and my personal favorite, trend is the fashion forward and comfortable look featuring a long shirt as dress. This look can be worn casually or dressed up for a more formal occasion.  You can use anything from a tailored button-down to the beat-up to a worn out concert tee.  When wearing a more tailored shirt dress, I would recommend keeping it simple and chic.  Try a nice up-do and a cute pair of heels for a simple yet classic look.  If you decide to go for the classic t-shirt dress, keep it easy with a pair of sneakers, loose hair, and a few cool accessories to get an edgy look with minimal hassle.

Next up on our list of trends to look out for this spring is the modern look, featuring the colors black and white.  I know that this is not the latest look, but it certainly can be the greatest.  With the contrasting look of black against white you can create great color-blocked designs, shapes, and lines with an ultra modern twist.

The best thing for spring is definitely to keep it simple.  A simple monotone look will be one of the key features in spring fashion this year.  White monochromatic looks have been sweeping the Internet, as white aesthetic Instagram accounts and blogs have taken monochromatic to whole other level.  You don’t need to take the theme as far as making all of your furniture white and everything you buy white, but wearing all white is a polished look and a good way to make a statement.

Thankfully, comfortable yet fashionable shoes are here to stay.  Keep on the sneakers and slides from last year.  But this time, don’t forget to add in some sandals into the mix to give almost any outfit a lively spring look.

Even though comfortable and modern seem to be the “it” words of the season, this next trend takes time back a few decades.  Baggy denim is in.  Keep it real in boyfriend jeans for a 90’s look, but give these timely jeans a modern flare by adding current trends and staying away from other 90’s looks. You don’t want to look like you’re                                                          going to a costume party!  But it’s not just boyfriend jeans; try on a pair of overalls.  Though they aren’t for everyone, they are always a trendy look that is great for spring weather. Overalls are no longer just for the farm, they are now a great part of your spring wardrobe.  You can wear crop tops, button downs, long sleeves, any other shirt you can think of under your overalls.

With all of these new trends and with the old trends coming back this year, your spring wardrobe should be stocked.  Even though these are what the designers have declared as in, make your own style.  Maybe you can start the newest trend!