News Briefs: Hallway Signs

Adi Levin and Sherry Shi, Staff Writer

Following the end of midterm week, new signs were installed throughout Schreiber’s hallways. Strategically located near department offices and major intersections, the hallway signs are a new development to improve Schreiber.

The idea originated four years ago at a meeting run by the Emergency Preparedness Committee.  A member of the committee proposed the plan after getting lost at a Schreiber Open House and noted that the lack of signs may be a potential hazard during an emergency.

“When you’re here, and you’ve been a student for a while, you know where things are, but when we have visitors, they often get lost,” said Assistant Principal Ms. Julie Torres.

Assistant Principal Mr. David Miller accepted the recommendation.  Because the new signs had to match existing ones, the signs cost roughly $2000.  As a result of more pressing budget matters, the hallway signs were pushed aside until this past September.

“Mr. Pernick came to me and asked me about these signs, and I said ‘Well, I put together a plan,’ and he said ‘I think we can work together to get the money,’” said Mr. Miller.

The project was funded by the district’s Building and Grounds’ budget as well as previously allocated money.  These new signs have been met with widespread approval.  The new installations may aid incoming freshman in assimilating to Schreiber more quickly.

“I think that the new signs are a great addition,” said freshman Rebecca Muratore. “Now, it will be easier for visitors or new students to find their way around the school when they first arrive.”