Trio mashes-up three major aspects of social media: A full combination of moving, still, and audio moments

Aliza Herz, Staff Writer

Have you ever wanted an app that combines all of your favorite popular media sources into one? Well, look no further. The new app, Trio, was released on March 4  and is available on the Apple app store for free.

Coming from the creators of Meograph, an app directed towards an audience of journalists, Trio has the potential to be the next Instagram and has already gained steam with high school students throughout the country.

Trio is an app that helps you become funny and creative by making videos out of many different media, including video, pictures, and music.

What this means is that it remixes other people’s Instagrams, Vines, Gifs, and iTunes music into one video. The app has already been featured on PBS and Pintrest.

The way the app works allows the user to have the world of popular media at their fingertips. The user has the option of including images, videos, or animated Gifs in their final Trio product.

The media chosen are called “moments,” with a limit of twelve moments, or twenty seconds per project, a lot more time than allowed by apps like Instagram and Vine.

A user can incorporate images from different sources, including Google, the personal device’s camera roll, or Instagram, or a picture taken at that moment.

Clicking “Gif” allows the user to include media from the app “Giffy,” and “Video” brings a user to the device’s video roll, the social media source Vine, or a new video.

In creating a Trio, you can choose multiple still images or Gifs at a time.

Once the media have been decided upon, the user has the power to control the number of repetitions, or “loops” of each Gif or the timing of different stills.

Using the bubble previews along the bottom of the screen, the order of media can be easily adjusted.

Trio users can add text, voice-overs, or a soundtrack to their final products.

And at any point of the creation process, moments can be added and the project can be viewed to assess the progress of the Trio creation.

Despite its creativity, Trio is social as well.  Users can find friends by connecting with Facebook friends or email contacts who also use Trio.

The app makes its possible to like, comment on, or share other Trio creations, as well as create a Trio project in response to different prompts in what is known as the “Challenge” section of Trio.

Otherwise, users can make their own original Trio projects without a prompt at all.

While posting the Trio project, captions and hashtags may be added, as well as uploaded to other social media outlets like Facebook.

Today, most social media sources do not stick to just one type of media. Instagram allows users to share both pictures and videos, Facebook allows for pictures, videos, and words alone.  Trio takes all of these basic functions and remixes them all into one final product.