Fashion File: Crocs are making a comeback: Crocs are making a comeback


With spring and summer around the corner, make sure to style your crocs with all different kinds of jibbitz whether that may be a jibbit of your favorite team or college. Have fun with it!

Gillian Rush, Contributing Writer

Ah, spring, a time for house cleaning, beautiful flowers, and a fresh new wardrobe.  After a long winter, it’s finally time to put away our beloved Uggs, our comfy Urban Outfitters sweaters, and worn-out Seven skinny jeans, and pull the floral shorts, favorite T-shirts and sunshine-y, summery sundresses from the back of the closet!  But what else are all the fashionistas pulling out from winter hibernation this spring? Crocs!

Everyone has owned them at some point or another: the super cute, fashionable rubber clogs that we adore.  They are seeing a major comeback this year, and it’s all the fashion rage!  The affordable, comfortable Croc has been waiting long enough for its time to shine!

Crocs are all over the fashion world: slingbacks, slip-ons, heeled and, our personal favorite, furred. But everyone loves the Classic Croc, a basic foam sling-back, with several Jibbitz Disney Princesses pins rubbing against your toes if you’re feeling daring.

A new style, the Kadee, is taking the Croc universe by storm with its appealing ballerina-inspired shape, eye-catching cutouts, and convenient slip-on style.

The Crocs Santa Cruz for men is dropping jaws in every fashion capital there is, including heavyweights like Houston and Toronto. The canvas-based loafer is super comfortable, and perfect for Casual Friday at work, hanging out with the family, or strutting the runway.

What makes Crocs truly special is that no two pairs are the same.  This uniqueness is thanks to Jibbitz. They are tiny, attachable charms made of rubber, meant specifically for Crocs. Each charm is different, whether it be a Disney character, a sports team emblem, or an animal. They make every pair of Crocs special. Or just keep it simple and spell out a special message using Jibbitz, like, “I Love Crocs!”

Many people don’t know how to wear Crocs confidently, but it’s much easier than it sounds to rock them as a fun accessory to an outfit this spring. Socks and Crocs are getting a lot of hype right now.  A sleek solid Croc with a printed or colorful pair of socks is absolutely striking and easy to master.  With the right match you will be truly eye-catching this season! Another question people have been asking about Crocs is whether they should be worn with the sling on or off.  For maximum support, comfort and movement, it is recommended that if the pair does come with a sling, that it be worn.  This is for your safety, so that the shoes do not fall off of your feet.


Crocs are extremely durable shoes, and can be used for any occasion.  They are perfect shoes for wet weather, are comfortable enough to walk around during Prom after you take all the pictures. There is nothing you cannot do with Crocs: the possibilities are endless!

So do yourself a fashion favor, and make sure you have some Crocs to wear this beautiful spring season.