Captain’s Corner: Boys varsity golf, Eric Beil and Nick D’Alonzo

Andrew Kerr, Staff Writer

Andrew Kerr:  Hello, I am here with the captains of the golf team, seniors Eric Schissel, Nick D’Alonzo, and Eric Beil.  I am very excited to be able to talk with the captains, who are coming into this season after last year’s 7-1 record.  Thank you all for joining me today.

Nick D’Alonzo:  Thank you very much for having us.  We are very eager going into this year’s season.

AK:  For many years the golf team has been able to come out of its season with great records, especially last year, ending with a final record of 7-1 and a conference championship.  Are you expecting similar results this year?

Eric Schissel:  Yes, the team has always been a powerhouse and it is so great to be a part of it.  We are definitely hoping to match last year’s record, but it would be even better to be able to improve it this year.

Eric Beil:  I am expecting a great season this year and certainly think we will be able to improve.  The team this year has a lot of experience because out of the top six, three are seniors.  Additionally, the other three have been on the team for at least a year and are familiar with varsity golf.

AK:  With a lot of talent on the team this year, are there any specific goals either of you would like to set for the upcoming season?

ND:  Winning a conference championship again is a goal of mine.  It is a reasonable goal and certainly within reach of the team.  If we are able to play well throughout our matches I believe we will be able to achieve this goal.

EB:  I feel great about the team’s skill and think a conference championship is highly likely for the team.  I will push to go further this year and set my goals high.  If we are able to play a couple rounds very well in a row the team could get very far this year.

ES:  If we are able to golf strong rounds each time we go out, the possibilities for the team could be endless.  I would like to see the team play to its potential and have a great season.  This can be a great year for Port Golf.

AK:  Coming into this season the team will not have lost any starters. Will the additional experience from the starters this year play a role on the team’s success?

EB:  Yes, it is great that our starters will all know what it is like playing during a match.  Comfort is key in golf and we all will be comfortable going into our matches.  Our experience in matches is very high this year and this will only help the team out.

ES:  As long as we are able to play with confidence and up to our abilities the team will be able to thrive and achieve success this year.

AK:  Are there any teammates that you are excited to watch play and develop?

ND:  Spencer Pere, a freshman on our team is an amazing golfer.  He went undefeated last year as an eighth grader and I can’t wait to see what he will be able to do this year and in the years coming.  I cannot imagine how great of a golfer he will be by his senior year.

AK:  Being captains this year, what will you bring to the team to help the team achieve all that you are capable of?

ES:  Being a captain is great; we all will try to help out the other golfers and keep the morale and confidence high among the team.  It is very important to be confident with yourself while playing golf.  I want to help everyone limit their doubts and have them be very confident in their swings and actions on the course.

ND:  As captains, it is important to corral the team and create a fun atmosphere for our teammates.  We will enjoy as much as we can but also will have the hunger, drive and will to win along with always outplaying our opponents.  I hope to instill this into my teammates, especially the younger ones.

EB:  I want to make sure everyone stays focused throughout the season.  It is very important and I can’t stress enough how detrimental it can be to the team if we are not focused on our game.

AK:  This year’s weather, running up until now, has been terrible and certainly not fit for golf.  What are you guys doing in relation to the weather?

EB:  It is out of our control unfortunately and we are still yet to be able to get out onto the course.  This could affect our comfort level heading into the first match, but with that said all teams have to face the same problems and I am confident our team will come out strong to start the season.

AK:  This will be all of your last seasons with the golf team.  What are your mentalities on this season?

ES:  I want to make it as memorable as possible.  Being a part of the team has been such great aspect of high school and I would love to accomplish something great during my last season.

ND:  I don’t want this season to end, I will put in as much work as I can to get as much as I can out of the season.  I want to be a great captain and finish my career with a great season.

EB:  This will be my fourth and last year of varsity golf.  It has easily been the highlight of my high school career.  I want to achieve everything I know the team is capable of this season.  Winning the conference championship and going on a run for counties would send me off on a high note.  I’m looking forward to a successful season with a great team.

AK:  Thank you all for taking the time to talk with me.  Good luck this season.