Editorial: Resource room benefits

The Schreiber Times

Resource rooms are available to students throughout the day, and many students use these spaces to complete their work. The Schreiber Times believes that these rooms are at students’ utmost advantage.

The social studies resource room is full of benefits.  Firstly, the room has student tables, computers, and teacher desks.  Teachers walk around and it is very easy to receive help from any of them.  Secondly, there are both computers and desks, which is incredibly underrated.  Whether you want to work on a packet or study with a friend, it provides the benefit of working in a quiet area without necessarily using a computer.  Thirdly, this computer lab always seems to have seats.

The math resource room is also helpful. No, the computers are not accessible to students if they are not in a class, but the central location of the table allows teachers of any mathematic discipline to help students with homework or classwork.

The languages other than English room is classy.  There are always snacks on the table and it is a great place for tutoring and being tutored in the foreign languages.

The science room can be confusing.  The science rooms are divided into different spaces, including different rooms for physics teachers, biology teachers, and chemistry teachers. There are costs and benefits to this system; teachers have more room for work and more specific systems are in place.  On the other hand, it is hard to see multiple teachers at once, and the rooms do not allow for students to complete homework in a study-hall-type manner.

The English resource room is the only department computer lab that is available in the mornings.  Often, students forget to print or do their homework but remember in the morning.  For such cases, the English resource room provides computers for these students to work on their assignments.  The English lab has more computers than the rest of the resource rooms. It is also the only place where the color printer is completely accessible to students, and where students can enjoy their lunch and work simultaneously.

The Schreiber Times believes that students should take more advantage of resource rooms.  Each one has its unique benefits, and anyone in the school has access to them.