Editorial: Inefficient AP meetings


On April 21, many Schreiber students took part in one of the school’s most ineffective events: the AP meeting.  During this period, it seems that all AP students lose the ability to fill out a Scantron and must be walked through this very simple form.

As usual, Assistant Principal Dr. Brad Fitzgerald’s voice competed with the side conversations of the collection of students.  Although it was disrespectful of the students to interrupt Dr. Fitzgerald, they are not entirely at fault.  There is a fundamental flaw with the AP meeting as it allocates an hour of class time to collectively filling out a form that could be filled out individually in ten minutes or less.  Although the Scantron is not as standard as the one students fill out for local tests, the instructions on the form are clear.

For those taking multiple AP exams, the meeting only addresses one form for the first exam.  However, the process needs to be repeated for every additional AP test a student takes. Students fill out the additional forms in roughly ten minutes on the days of their AP exams.

If a student is absent from the in-school meeting, they simply walk into their assistant principal’s office and tell them that they need to fill out an AP form.  Students sit down, fill out the form, and leave in under ten minutes.

The Schreiber Times believes that that the school needs to have students fill out AP exam forms in AP classes.  Of course, this means the administration would be taking away time from AP test preparation, but if many students already miss AP classes because of the AP meeting.  Taking ten minutes from an AP class is less wasteful than taking a full period.  Additionally, The Schreiber Times proposes another alternative to the meeting: filling out the form on the day of the AP exam.