Finding the perfect mother’s day gift while keeping a budget

Delia Rush, Features Editor

It seems that the majority of teens are living on a budget of accumulated cash from babysitting, tutoring, or receiving an allowance.  Even on a daily basis, the sum can seem a bit underwhelming, and when it comes to special occasions, finding a meaningful gift can be difficult.

For many of us, one of the most frustrating days financially is Mother’s Day. A mother’s love is said to be immeasurable.  Thus, it is only fitting that mothers around the world have at least one day entirely devoted to them, if not more.

While parents may lend their kids money to buy gifts for other people, that is clearly not an option on this day or on Father’s Day.

While some parents may stay modest and oppose any gift giving, we all know the truth: they are dying to get their hands on that particular necklace, bag, or some other article that is completely out of your budget.

But wait!  There is a route that, while perhaps not quite jumping over the hurdle known as an adolescent budget, steps around the obstacle.

Most mothers or motherly figures just want to feel appreciated.  Take some time out of your day this May 10 and spend quality time with your mom.

If you can save up the extra money, take her out for a something small, maybe just a quick stop for food or a coffee.  Instead of going out for a grand meal, spend the day window shopping or just walking in and out of stores.  That dress will have to remain in the store but that does not mean she can’t at least try it on!

If this particular Sunday is already filled with prior engagements and there is not enough time for a full-day excursion, or if you simply do not have the time or patience for one, take a little bit of the burden off of your mom’s back and make her a classic Mother’s Day breakfast in bed.  This does not have to be extravagant, nor do you even have to leave the house.

The cheapest way to take this route in Mother’s Day affairs is to use what you have at hand. Bigger is not always better.  Just preparing some eggs and a cup of coffee is usually enough to show your mom that you do care, you’re just on a budget.

Better yet, however, if you are able to rummage up some extra cash to really delve into this project, do not be afraid to trek to the grocery store to make the meal extra special. Keep in mind the cooking options here are not just limited to breakfast, you can also opt for lunch or dinner, but why not start off your mom’s day with a smile?

Even if you feel as if you are challenged in the kitchen, there are plenty of easy online recipes and how-to tutorials for every cooking ability.

Still, if cooking is definitely not your activity of choice, another gift with meaning is anything DIY.

Just think back to all of those lovely macaroni necklaces you made in preschool and how grateful your mom was to receive such marvelous pieces of craftsmanship.  Today she will be even more thankful because whatever project you decide on will presumably not shed glitter or crusty glue on her clothing.  But hey, if that’s what you are going for, go right ahead.

Use the Internet to its full potential for any DIY project: there is plenty inspiration on YouTube or Pinterest.  One trip to Michael’s later and you will have all the essentials to make a Tumblr-esque present created with your own hands.

But if you cannot dig up enough money, your eggs burn, or your DIY project breaks in half, go for the handmade card—it never fails! Just remember it is the thought that counts.