The ultimate guide for surviving the dreaded week of AP testing

Sabina Unni, Assistant Opinions Editor

Now that we have approached the wonderful light of spring, warm weather is just around the corner and after being stuck inside for the entire snow filled winter, you can say it’s a relief!

However, our summer freedom is not here yet, and we therefore need to stay on top of all of our school work for this final part of the school year.

We all want to enjoy this wonderful weather while it lasts, but we should do it appropriately so it does not interfere with other obligations, such as schoolwork.  There are many ways to compromise your commitments to your enjoyable activities, which could help everyone this springtime.

“Keep yourself organized and plan out your time so you can have leisure while you still get all your work done. If you do this, you will still have plenty of time to enjoy the flowers blooming or watch Netflix!” said sophomore Maddy Lavin.

If you do not procrastinate on your work, and get it all done in a timely fashion, you will have great amounts of time for freedom without having to worry.

Spending at least some time outside each day can satisfy even the most extreme cases of spring fever.

“It is much more enjoyable to bring your work outside to get it done. After being stuck inside all day, it is nice to get some fresh air after school,” said sophomore Lizze Witkow.

This is a great technique, giving everyone a much more pleasing environment to complete their work.  Not only will you do your work more efficiently, but it also will not be as much of a chore to complete it.

For many people it is extremely hard to get their work done in a timely manner, however, there are many simple tips that could make this task much easier.

The school gives each student an agenda which should become his or her best friend.

Write all your homework down throughout the day. By doing this you can manage your time according to your workload, and cross off all your work you completed to make sure everything is finished before the due date, all with plenty of time to get your fix of time outdoors.

“I try my hardest not to leave all my work until last minute.  I try to get assignments done when I get them so I do not have to worry about it the day before it is due,” says sophomore Rachel Reisman.

In addition, prioritizing becomes very important to students taking many classes.  It is necessary to finish homework due the next day before starting a project due next week.

This school year is almost over and there is no point of letting your distractions made by the spring weather, ruin all your hard work. Make sure you plan your time, use some of these simple tips, and you will definitely not lag behind this spring!