WAC Research Competition proves a success

Rachel Cho, Managing Editor

Lightbulbs went off at the WAC science fair this year. On April 26, Schreiber hosted the Research Association’s 20th annual high school research competition. The research association, which encompasses ten schools on Long Island, organizes a high school research competition every year.

The location of this competition moves from high school to high school within the research association collective. As a result, each school has to host the event every ten years. Four years ago the name of the fair changed to the WAC Competition, because the WAC, a lighting company, sponsors the competition.

Each school get 30 projects, so in total Schreiber hosted 450 students, 280 projects, 25 teachers and 150 judges. In addition to 1st, 2nd, 3rd place, meritorious, and honorable mention awards were given out. Students were also allowed to compete for a special award sponsored by the lighting company.

Science research teachers Mr. John Schineller and Ms. Marla Ezratty were in charge of running the fair. Preparation for the competition started in September, when they had to put in a request for funding and work with the Port Washington district board. However, major work started in February, when they started to look for vendors and supplies.

“The community has greatly supported us throughout the years, and we wanted to keep things local so that we can give back,” said Ms. Ezratty.

Vendors such as Bayview Deli, Hinck’s Delicatessen, and Harbor Deli sold the food.

“I thought that the fair went really well,” said Ms. Ezratty.

And all the food that was left over from the lunch was given to the Fire Department, which they will give to the people who are in need.

Schreiber students’ received numerous awards at the competition.