News Brief: Music Program

Emily Ma and Rebecca Muratore, Staff Writers


Recently, Port Washington was named one of the 2015 Best Communities for Music Education in the United States.  It was selected as one of the top 100 communities in the country by NAMM, the National Association of Music Merchandisers.  This program looks for communities with excellent effort from teachers, administrators, parents, students, and community leaders to provide beneficial opportunities for music education for all students.  NAMM acknowledges the Port Washington school district for its commitment and support of music education.

“We have incredible support from parents, community members, and administration for our music programs,” said freshman orchestra conductor Ms. Carol Garofalo.

Port Washington has  a variety of classes offered, from freshman band to AP Music Theory.  Band and orchestra students are selected based on their ability to progress to more experienced groups that play more difficult music, letting students grow.

Port Washington’s proficiency in music education can also be attributed in part to the involvement and guidance of music educators.

“What’s special about our school district is that all of the teachers here in Port Washington work together as a team, and not individuals,” said Ms. Garofalo.

Throughout Port Washington, there is a wide variety of musical instruments and opportunities for students to discover their talents.

“We have so many music offerings and so much student participation in music at all of the levels of the school district,” said  band director Mr. Mark Brenner.  “We have excellent instrumentalists, and our students excel in music at all skill levels.”

~ Emily Ma and Rebecca Muratore