News Brief: Tech Updates

Josh White, Photos Editor


Schreiber has recently announced changes to their email system and Wi-Fi network.  This is just one of the many new technology updates that have affected the student body and teachers, including the updates of Chromebooks and Aspen.

On March 13, schools in the Port Washington School District changed the domain name to be used for emails, shortening it from to  Messages sent to the old domain will automatically be forwarded to the new email address.

In addition to the email changes, Schreiber has recently introduced a new Wi-Fi network.  Similarly to the old Wi-Fi networks, the newly introduced network, “Port Wireless,” provides free Wi-Fi for students.  However, social media websites, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, remain blocked.  In order for students to access these platforms, students are required to use cellular data.

In order to sign onto the “Port Wireless” network, students, staff, and guests are required to “authenticate” their devices.  They are required to use their student identification number as the username and the password used as their student login information for any Schreiber computer.

Many students feel that these changes have affected the overall speed of the network in a negative manner.

“I feel that the new Wi-Fi has been slower since it was introduced,” said senior Akari Shimura.  “I felt that it was much faster when there were multiple networks for students and staff to use.”