Outdoor gym classes can add a spring in your step

Ilana Grabiner and Maddie Lane, Staff Writer

As the weather is getting warmer, indoor gym classes are becoming stuffy, hot, and unenjoyable.  There seems to be an easy solution for this issue: holding class outside.  Since the school is fortunate enough to have such a large property, including open fields, a track, and tennis courts, conducting several classes outside simultaneously should not pose a problem.

There are only a few weeks of beautiful spring weather left before the school year concludes.  What better way to enjoy these ideal outdoor conditions than to do something that promotes good health?

Gym teachers should be able to take their classes outside in these months of warm weather, no matter the class type.  Exercising outdoors has countless benefits.  Firstly, it provides students with a break from the school atmosphere.  It also serves as an hour of fresh air and time to enjoy the beautiful weather.  Exercising outdoors can increase enthusiasm and decrease tension, both of which would be highly beneficial to Schreiber students.

Students may even take a greater liking to gym class overall if it were held outside.  They may also be motivated to continue the outdoor exercises they practice over the summer.  Isn’t the goal of physical education to inspire students to engage in physical activity independently, after all?

Despite the ample space and appropriate weather, gym teachers are not always willing to take their classes outside.  Classes such as Fitness, Dance, and Advanced Strength Training are continually held indoors. It’s important to remember these courses have late fall, winter, and early spring to use the indoor gyms.  To promote outdoor activities, classes simply need to be more adaptable. For dance, teachers can use portable stereos. There are also outdoor dance floors available for purchase. Advanced strength training seems the most difficult to change, but we always forget that there is outdoor gym equipment near the track. We’re not asking gym teachers to completely restructure their courses, but perhaps there is a little more room for outdoor activities.

“I wish my fitness class was held outdoors because it’s a lot better to breathe fresh air than to be indoors with a lot of people in a small room.  It’s also better ventilation for your body,” said sophomore Olivia Gellis.

We are aware that the school provides several physical education options that students can choose from, one of which is Outdoor Education.  If students select this, they get to enjoy the outdoors almost every gym class. Although it may be cold in the winter, the warmer spring months can make this class the optimal option for many students.

“I like having class outside because I like fresh air, and it’s better than being stuck in a sweaty gym,” said sophomore and Outdoor Ed student Zoe Garman.

In this glorious spring weather, gym teachers should make an effort to organize classes outside, even if they are not teaching an Outdoor Education class.  Now that fitness testing is over and the end to finals stress is approaching, it is the perfect time for students to get their daily dose of fresh air while they exercise.