Spend your dough wisely when cheesing where to eat the best pizza

Syndey Rosenthal, Staff Writer

From pepperoni to plain to even salad, pizza comes with nearly any topping you can imagine.  Choosing between these various pizzas can prove to be an arduous task.  To make the decision even more difficult, Port is home to over eight pizzerias, all of which are delicious.

If we were to isolate the most famous pizzerias on Main Street, Gino’s, Frank’s, Rosa’s, and Carlo’s, the choice would remain as difficult as ever.  Without the help of this pizzeria guide, you may even be stuck deciding between them for hours.  Although some may be personally favored over others, all four businesses receive many clients primarily because of their proximity to the school.  Although community members do visit these restaurants and pizzerias during the day, the majority of the businesses’ clientele arrives almost immediately after the bell rings to mark the end of the school day.

Gino’s is located at 48 Main Street, near the train station.

“I like Gino’s the best out of all pizzerias, because of their Italian ices and their warm, thin crust pizza,” said freshman Lauren Kramer.

If you do not like pizza, Gino’s offers salads, rolls, and an assortment of pastas to satisfy your hunger.  The restaurant offers a slice of pizza of $2.50 and drinks for $2.50. These reasonable prices are just one factor that can help you decide on eating at Gino’s.

One other great thing about Gino’s is that they deliver. For a minimum of $10 per order, you can eat pizza anywhere in Port.  High school students add to the restaurant’s business not only by visiting it during the day but also by ordering in during their off periods.  If you like a delicious place to eat pizza for a cheap price, Gino’s is the place to go.

Frank’s, another pizza destination, is located at 14 Main Street.  The pizzeria is the closest store to the school and provides fast service.  Because it is within a 10-minute walking distance from the high school, it is the perfect place to go for students in a rush to get food and go to class.  Frank’s has many different pizza styles and other options to choose from.

“I like Frank’s because of their garlic knots,” said freshman Sierra Robinson.

Frank’s gives you the option of ordering online at grubhub.com.  It is an easier and more technically advanced method of ordering than calling on the phone.  Frank’s has great food and provides a quick and easy way to grab a bite to eat.

Rosa’s is located at 57 Main Street. Out of the many pizzerias in Port, this one is closest to the train station.  Often, community members decide to stop by for a bite to eat whilst heading home after a long day of hard day.  For those who frequent the city, Rosa’s provides the perfect rest place after a long train ride home.  The pizzeria has delicious food choices from plain pizza with pepperoni to salads with grilled chicken. Rosa’s is a fresh scrumptious pizzeria that is certainly going to give you a meal you will enjoy.

The final pizzeria of the “Big Four,” Carlo’s, is located at 109 Main Street, across from the Main Street movie theater.  Although it does offer other Italian dishes, Carlo’s mostly offers a variety of pizzas.  The pizzeria is also known most for its pizza crust and cheese pizzas.

“I love Carlos because they make the pizza crisp and extra cheesy,” said freshman Allie Chase.

Carlo’s pizzeria is a Friday night or any-day-of-the-week family dinner hot spot.  It gets crowded quickly and despite the turmoil associated with the lack of room for clients, the restaurant has managed to sustain its clients for years.  Hop over to Carlo’s pizzeria to grab their popular pizza without missing your movie.With many places to choose from in Port, each of these pizzerias will give you a meal to remember.  Each place has different things to offer and will treat you well.  Don’t hesitate to try any of these and other pizzerias in Port Washington as well as the different types of pizzas offered that vary from cheese pizzas, to ones with pineapples, to ones with Caesar salad and grilled chicken.