FBLA holds volleyball tournament

Justin Suzzan, Staff Writer

The Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) hosted its annual volleyball tournament to raise money and aware- ness for Sunrise Day Camp.
“The tournament was very well orga- nized and it was definitely a great way for all grades to get together and do some- thing for a good cause. I really enjoyed this event and I’m really looking forward to playing in it next year,” said freshman Daniel Dash.
Sunrise Day Camp is a unique camp in Wyandanch, New York. The camp of- fers children with different types of can- cer a fun and safe environment during the summer. It is designed so that each camper is able to meet their own emo- tional and physical needs, while allowing them to interact with kids who are going through similar challenges. The facilities include everything that makes for an en- joyable summer such as swimming pools, ball fields, and courts.
FBLA members agreed that this would be the perfect charity to donate the pro- ceeds to. This year, five teams entered the tournament. Each member participating paid an entry fee of $5. The winning team of the tournament was given a $50 prize.
The event, which took place in the main gym on May 29, was a way to bring the Schreiber community together.
The format of the tournament was round robin, in which all teams have the opportunity to play the others. After ev- ery team has played the others, the team with the best winning record is deter- mined the winner.
“I really enjoyed that I was able to play against students from all different ages,” said junior Andrew Kerr. “It guaran- teedthat the tournament was fair and gave us more time to play.. The tournament was set up very well”
This format guaranteed that everyone would play the whole afternoon.
“It was a great event to participate in. I’m happy that the proceeds go to charity,” said freshman Dylan Spilko.
Students who participated in the event this year are already looking forward to next year’s tournament. The Sunrise Day Camp is very appreciative for Schreiber’s contribution to their program.
“The tournament was a lot of fun. It was nice that we were able to have fun playing volleyball while raising money for a good cause. My team and I are look- ing forward to winning next year,” said Junior Charles Kobus.