Good Eats

Sam Bizenov and Danielle Tawfik, A&E Editor and News Editor

There are two types of people in this world: people who like doughnuts, and liars.
As doughnut lovers ourselves, we look at these scrumptious pastries as the alpha male of all baked goods. Studies have shown that eating a doughnut can actually turn your frown upside down. What studies you ask? Our studies. We have searched near and far to find the best places that will give you that doughnut and smile.
While strawberry-frosted and glazed are two of the more commonly indulged flavors, more exotic ones such as salted caramel and passion fruit are slowly making their way into the doughnut scene.
If your tastebuds prefer the more simplistic flavors that occupy the shelves of Dunkin Donuts, look no further than Main Street and Shore Road.
Port Washington is lucky enough to have two locations of this chain, providing doughnut admirers with double the opportunity to get their daily doughnut fix.
Boston Creme, Chocolate Glazed, and French Crueller are definitely among our favorites. If you’re in the mood to try something new, go for the Croissant doughnut, which is a crossover between the tasty french pastry and the classic glazed doughnut.
As New York City is only a train ride away, New York’s trendiest new spots to pick up these sweet rolls with holes are easy access. After making our visit to a plethora cafes, stands, and shops, we found Dough and Doughnuttery were by far the most noteworthy.
Dough is the perfect destination to satisfy your sweet tooth, while being exposed to new flavors. Lemon Poppyseed, Toasted Coconut, and Dulce de Leche are three of the most commonly ordered flavors here. The more daring customers tend to go for flavors like Tropic Chili, which is a mix of papaya, guava, mango frosting topped with a spicy dusting of chili powder.
With stores located in the Flatiron District, city kitchen, and Brooklyn, you are bound to find a Dough location near you next time you find yourself wandering the streets of NYC.
Mini doughnuts are the perfect compromise for those who are craving a doughnut but are not hungry enough to devour a full one. If you find yourself looking for a place to find these bite- sized treats, look no further than Doughnuttery. Located in Chelsea Market, this spot offers customers hot, fresh, sugared doughnuts after a day of shopping and strolling.
After trying various flavors, we came to the conclusion that “Green Tea Buzz” and “Urban Monkey” were among our favorites. While we’re a bit hesitant to try a green tea flavored doughnut, we agree that it is a must have. The banana, coffee, and coconut flavored doughnut named “Urban Monkey” will give you that perfect mix of sweet and tart. No matter what you order here, you will not be disappointed.