Lettuce expand our salad horizons this summer

Katie Oppenheim and Carly Perlmutter, Staff Writers

If you are looking for a quick and healthy lunch or snack, salad bars are the perfect place to go. With so many ingredients to choose from, the possibilities are endless. There are many different salad places in Port Washington, and Long Island is filled with them.
Whether it be the ingredients that go into each salad or the many choices of toppings, each of these places has something that makes it different from the rest.
In Port, Harbor Deli has almost every ingredient under the sun, and you can pick whatever you want for a fixed price.
It has various types of lettuce, vegetables, nuts, and protein like chicken, turkey, and shrimp. There is also tofu if you are a vegetarian.
“I am a salad fanatic to say the least. Harbor has such great salad options, and I love that I can order it to school for lunch. My main problem is that I have a hard time deciding since everything sounds so yummy! And since there are so many choices for my toppings, I try to switch it up and order different toppings each time,” said sophomore Arielle Ziv.
Another place where there is certainly no shortage of options is Diane’s in Roslyn. Although Diane’s does not have a make- your-own salad bar, it has more than just your typical salad. The restaurant has a fresh selection of pasta salads, vegetable salads, chicken and tuna salads, and other daily specials which are constantly changing.
“When in doubt, I go to Diane’s. No matter what type of salad I’m in the mood for, they always add something interesting to spice up the ordinary salad. Not to mention, the ingredients are always super fresh,” said junior Jenna Hecht.
The only disadvantage about Diane’s is that everything is pre-made, so it is not a viable option for picky eaters.
Another great salad spot in Roslyn is La Bottega. At La Bottega, there is a great selection of salads to choose from. But if you are not interested in pre-made salads, you can pick your ingredients and make your own.
One of its more popular salads is the avocado salad, which has iceberg lettuce, avocado, grilled chicken, mozzarella cheese, and toasted almonds.
“La Bottega is a great, quick place to grab a salad. After track, when I feel like I could eat anything in sight, I can just stop over and get whatever type of salad I’m in the mood for that day. Two thumbs up,” said junior Harlee Tung.
If you are looking to pick something up and not sit down at the restaurant to eat, Iavarone Brothers in the Lake Success Shopping Center is a great option. Iavarone Bros. is more of a grocery store, but all of the food is fresh.
At Iavarone, you can make your own salad, and they also have various pre- made choices. The store also has different chicken and other deli-style options that you can add to your salad.
With all of the different salad places on Long Island, it can be really difficult to choose. The bottom line is, you will be satisfied with whatever place you pick!