Senior Eric Schissel competes at States

Kevin Hazan and Andrew Kerr, Staff Writers

Senior Eric Schissel has capped off his final varsity golf season, earning a trip to States. After the team was eliminated from team competition on the second day of Counties, Schissel’s score qualified him for States, which was hosted at Cornell University.
This past offseason, Schissel dedicated his time to becoming a better athlete for his final season as a Viking. He took a trip to California to hit some balls shortly before the season began. Schissel went above and beyond what he had done in any previous offseason to be successful.
“During the offseason I really worked on my game. For the first time in a couple of seasons, I decided to take lessons again with my swing coach. I decided this be- cause I knew it was my senior year and I wanted to have the best possible season for my teammates, as that is my respon- sibility being the top player and team cap- tain,” said Schissel.
Embracing the role of team captain, Schissel wanted to prove to his teammates that he was deserving of the position. One way he was able to do this was to fo- cus deeply on his mental game, the facet which he considers the weakest.
“Before the season I knew I had to im-
prove with my mental game. In the past I would get really mad and frustrated when things weren’t going my way on the golf course. I finally realized that golf is 80% mental so I decided to work on this. I tru- ly believe this is one of the reasons I had such a successful season,” said Schissel.
Additionally, Schissel took time to re- flect on how to become a better leader for the season, and he credits his teammates for their support.
“I also thought I needed to learn how to be more of a leader with my team so I started to take more initiative. My team- mates have helped me so much over the years, but more than ever this year. They understand the weight I am supposed to carry being the top player on the team and they are nothing but supportive,” said Schissel.
After a successful season, he finally accomplished his dream of making it to States. He was nothing but grateful to- wards his teammates for their positiv- ity and support, as well as toward Coach Doughty, who has mentored him since freshman year and often asked for his in- put on certain topics, trusting him with his decision making.
“Making States as a senior is honestly the biggest thing I’ve accomplished in my entire golf career. Not only did it solidify my position as one of the top golfers in all
of New York, but it also gave me the op- portunity to represent not only my team but Port Washington as a whole. Being a senior made it that much more special. It was one of the most memorable week- ends of my life and I will remember every single minute of it,” said Schissel.
Schissel faced one particular challenge at States: the weather conditions at Cor- nell were subpar. Although the conditions were not ideal, Schissel kept a positive at- titude, which was something he worked on all of the offseason.
“Considering the circumstances and obstacles the weather presented me with, I did pretty well and took nothing but posi- tives from the experience. I can honestly say it was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I am so fortunate to have had such a unique opportunity. I have worked so hard to get to States and I was extremely happy to see my hard work pay off. It was such an honor to represent my team and my town at Cornell for the state champi- onship,” said Schissel.
As his season came to an end at Cor- nell, Schissel had a few words to reflect.
“It is sad knowing that my high school golf career is over but States at Cornell was certainly a great way to end it, and I’m happy I was able to go out with a bang!” said Schissel.