Students Say Final Goodbyes To Retiring Teachers: Mr. Schaefer

Brian Rivera, Contributing Writer

Dear Mr. Schaefer,
As this fun-filled year of snowstorms and fire drills draws to a
close, so too do the revered careers of many of our staff members. It is lamentable to say that you are among these retirees. Mr. Schaefer, you are an amazing technician and an unforgettable friend.
Both the chairman of our technology department and the head of our esteemed Robotics club, you have earned a cordial spot in the hearts of many Schreiber students.
Personally, my time in Robotics club with you has been unforgettable. The freedom and trust you granted us made quite
the recipe for a bright environment, complete with laughter and appraisals. From cutting wood with menacing machines to making slight adjustment in my measurements, you were always there to give a helping hand. You never failed to give your all through thick and thin. Even the sound of you clearing your throat has become something of a prized trademark.
No one else can replace or replicate the invaluable experiences your teachings have brought unto those fortunate enough to know you, and many people would wholeheartedly agree. Simply calling you a “good teacher” does not suffice; your dedication and profound affability are key components to the steady bond between you and your students.
“Just saying that Mr. Schaefer is a great teacher doesn’t justify how amazing he is. I’ll miss him very much,” said junior Liliana Martinez.
Your enormous contributions and humor will make you so memorable.
“He always knew what he was talking about and he spoke with unyielding conviction. The passion he had for his work was captivating. He will be missed,” said junior Louie Miscioscia.
Others like Martinez and Miscioscia share the bittersweet sentiment of seeing you go, and you will certainly be missed; however, it is reassuring to know that your leave will only be marked by a surge of good feelings. Though the parting hurts, on behalf of our entire student body, I say farewell! Fair winds and following seas, Mr. Schaefer, your time here with us at Schreiber shall be forever cherished.
Sinceley, Brian Rivera