Students Say Final Goodbyes To Retiring Teachers: Ms. Kosiba

Dear Ms. Kosiba,
You have done marvelous things for this school, both in the Relay for
Life club and in Schreiber health classes. You will be missed dearly by the Schreiber community.
As an esteemed health teacher here at Schreiber, you brought joy and laughter to your classes, cared for each and every one of your students, and were never spotted without a huge smile from ear to ear.
You said how you “loved every minute” working at Schreiber, which is shown with your happy glow and genuine kindness.
We distinctly remember you putting a singing monkey on our heads when it was our birthdays. Your high energy and enthusiasism encouraged the whole room to sing to us, leaving us giggling.
In health class, you somehow managed to engage every student in the lesson. Aside from the quirky jokes and endless fun, interactive activities, you always made it clear to us that you were always available to give advice and help students outside the classroom, no matter the situation.
Ms. Kosiba, you possessed a unique devotion to your students. We would often find you, during your free periods, meeting with the the Relay coaches. With help, you ultimately planned each Relay for Life. This event has always turned out to be a huge success under your watch. Your dedication to the event has always served as a great example for you students, encouraging us to be involved and have fun doing so.
Students clearly recall last year, when you high-fived us and cheered for our team as we walked around the track. Although we were all exhausted, your enthusiasm kept the party going.
Not only have you greatly impacted us, along with your other students, but you claim that your students are the ones who motivate and inspire you, continuously.
Ms. Kosiba, we cannot thank you enough for all you have done for this school. It will not be the same without you, but you should know that you have left us, along with hundreds of other Schreiber students, with happy memories of health class, motivation to help our community, and crucial life advice.
Ilana Grabiner & Maddie Lane