Students Say Goodbye to Retiring Teachers: Ms. Behrens

Dear Ms. Behrens,
As each school year goes by, we are fortunate enough to meet many
wonderful teachers who help us meet goals, and encourage us to strive for new ones. But once in a while, we come across that special teacher who we feel an extra special connection to, that teacher who we know we can always turn to, who we know will always be there. That one teacher for us is you, Ms. Behrens.
From demonstrating how a 12-step proof could possibly make sense, to handing out king-sized Hershey bars simply because it was a Tuesday, you never let the period become dull. You have turned around our organization skills by teaching us new techniques that make school a little less stressful.
Aside from our appreciation with your help academically, we would also like to extend our thanks to you for always being there for us, and listening to what we have to say. We appreciate all the little things, like when you would ask us how our day was, and how we could always tell that you were truly listening to the stories we told. What makes a great teacher is not only her ability to teach a topic, but by the way she can interact and engage with her students.
Now that we have almost made it through junior year, we would like to remind you that we could not have possibly done as well as we are doing if it were not for you. While we are upset that you will not be back next year, we want to remind you that we will be applying all these skills that you taught us when we enter our final year of high school, as well as throughout the rest of our lives.
Thank you Ms. Behrens. You have truly made a difference in all the lives of your students.
Jacqueline Labbe and Stefanie Epstein